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The 2009 Rental Show Products


The MacKissic Merry Commercial mini stump cutter allows users to see the stump and cutter head at all times during operation. The cutter head orientation provides smooth stump removal. The unit's braking system stops the cutter head in less than three seconds to prevent and reduce accidents.
Booth 2814
Reader Service No. 151

Allmand Bros.

The V Series vertical light tower from Allmand Bros. features an electric winch that allows the mast to be completely raised and lowered in 20 seconds. The new design also allows for more intuitive light fixture positioning (angle and direction). An integrated tray and remote oil drain are designed to reduce the potential for accidental liquid spills. For easy loading and positioning, the light towers include side and rear forklift pockets and a lift point.
Booth 5229
Reader Service No. 152


SourceOne's TurfSavr features a 9-hp Vanguard Briggs & Stratton engine or an 8-hp Honda engine, and is designed to slice or dethatch deep into various types of soil and turf. Heat-treated carbon-steel knives are tightly spaced to improve seed penetration and germination. The hopper can be removed and replaced with a dethatching flail reel for use as a dethatcher.
Booth 3966
Reader Service No. 153

Finn Corp.

The MTS (material transfer system) from Finn Corp. has the ability to carry and discharge a variety of materials including aggregate, soil mixes, mulch, sand and palletized loads. The 15-cubic-yard, 11,200-pound-capacity hopper is constructed of lightweight aluminum. With an empty weight of 6,800 pounds, the MTS can be towed by most ¾-ton trucks.
Booth 3467
Reader Service No. 154


Subaru introduces the EX40 overhead cam engine that delivers a maximum output of 14 hp. Using chain-driven OHC technology the engine offers more power, easier starting and quieter operation. The EX40 meets both CARB and EPA Tier-3 emission standards. The engine is engineered with an inclined cylinder, lightweight parts and improved rotation balance to make it easier to mount onto machinery.
Booth 3459
Reader Service No. 155

MEC Aerial Work Platforms

The all-electric 91 Series of scissorlifts from MEC Aerial Work Platforms includes three models: the 2591ES, 3391ES (pictured) and 4191ES. This series is powered by eight 6-volt, 375-amp hour batteries. Highlights of this electric scissorlift series include being drivable at full height, fast cycle speeds for lift and drive, fully proportional drive and lift controls, rear oscillating and an operational 4-wheel-drive system.
Booth 4938
Reader Service No. 156


Genie's GRC-12 Runabout Contractor is designed for indoor construction sites where contractors are installing and repairing drywall, electrical and HVAC. It offers a 2-person occupancy workspace with a narrow profile, and is engineered with a steel platform and rails. The steel platform on the GRC-12 comes standard with a slide-out extension deck that gives operators an extra 17.5 inches of outreach. With a lift capacity of 500 pounds, the unit can work to a height of 18 feet.
Booth 6152
Reader Service No. 157

Thompson Pump

With its heavy-duty cast-iron construction, along with the ability to self-prime and re-prime automatically, the 6HT wet-prime trash pump is designed for construction, industrial and wastewater applications. The 6HT-DDST-3-2011 provides flow rates up to 1,450 gpm, moderate heads to 88 feet and can handle spherical solids up to 3 inches. This pump is suited for sewage bypass pumping or dewatering excavations.
Booth 3102
Reader Service No. 158

Godwin Pumps

The Godwin Dri-Prime from Godwin Pumps is an automatic self-priming centrifugal pump available in sizes from 2 inches to 24 inches. With maximum flows up to 24,000 gpm, heads up to 600 feet and solids handling to 5 inches in diameter, the pump is capable of handling sewage, storm water, oil and sludges.
Booth 5125
Reader Service No. 159

Atlas Copco Compressors

The QLT 4 light tower from Atlas Copco Compressors features a GenSmart permanent magnet generator and four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps to provide enhanced flicker-free lighting. The enclosure construction on the light tower is made with heavy-gauge painted steel, and the winch design and trailer suspension are commercial grade. The mast extends vertically up to 31 feet and rotates 360 degrees.
Booth 2935
Reader Service No. 160

Billy Goat

Billy Goat's SC121H sod cutter features a 5.5-hp Honda OHV engine and a 12-inch cutting width designed for lawn renovation projects. The 161-pound unit offers a small frame that makes maneuvering in tight spaces easy. The SC's smooth engagement and light weight reduce vibration, alleviating operator fatigue. The operator can change the cutting depth by moving a lever on the unit.
Booth 2943
Reader Service No. 161


Skyjack introduces the SJ 46AJ articulating boomlift and the unit will be available in two configurations featuring a jib with the 46AJ model or no jib on the 46A model. These models feature 360-degree continuous turret rotation, zero-tail-swing and an axle-based 4-wheel-drive system. The boomlifts also offer positive traction and terrainability, as well as Skyjack's direction-sensing drive and steer controls.
Booth 6717
Reader Service No. 162


The Danuser auger bucket mixes, transports and dispenses concrete (up to 1 inch slump), sand, washed gravel (3/4-inch maximum) and asphalt. The quick-attach frame on either side allows right- or left-hand discharge. The unit comes equipped with two multi-linked chutes — 24- to 36-inches long — and a 7-inch hose kit.
Booth 5360
Reader Service No. 163

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