Wheel Washer Rinses Away Environmental Problems

Wheel Washer Rinses Away Environmental Problems

Construction and worksite managers can now quickly and easily prevent trucks and heavy equipment from tracking dust, mud, rocks and debris onto public streets with the help of Riveer's Cyclonator Wheel Wash. Rental customers can temporarily install the portable system near the jobsite exit to comply with municipality and environmental regulations, as well as reduce complaints from neighboring residents and businesses.

An electronic eye triggers the system to start cleaning as soon as a vehicle is driven onto the wheel-wash system. Two 150-gpm pumps flush mud and rocks off the tires and undercarriage. Its galvanized painted-steel construction handles vehicles up to 30 tons at 60 vehicles per hour. Sludge and rocks washed off the tires drain into a center trough where a conveyor removes the debris. Wash water is recycled to nearby retaining ponds or a tank to reduce water usage and sewer costs as well as meet local and EPA regulations.

“Complete assembly and disassembly instructions make it easy for rental customers to use, and encourage them to come back and use the Cyclonator again,” says Matt Petter, vice president of marketing for Riveer Environmental. “It's so portable customers can move it from site to site for extended rentals.”

Verified by Doug Petter, president of Riveer Environmental.

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Pumps: 150 gpm
Processes: 60 vehicles per hour
Weight capacity: 30 tons

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