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Machine Reduced Exertion While Stump Grinding

Machine Reduced Exertion While Stump Grinding

Bandit introduces the Model HB20 SideWinder stump grinder, which offers a pivot-action base that allows the operator to keep the wheelbase stationary while using a smooth gliding motion back and forth to grind stumps. The user can position the HB20 in close proximity to the stump, release the pivot pin, and swing the handlebars from side-to-side.

“The HB20 is very user friendly because you only have to pivot the handle bar and the cutting head to process the stump as opposed to swinging the entire machine including the wheels, thus the amount of effort needed to grind a stump is significantly reduced,” says Jerry Morey, president of Bandit Industries.

The HB20 SideWinder is available with a 20-hp Kohler gas engine and a 19-inch cutterhead with 24 teeth. Compact and maneuverable, this handlebar unit is designed for tree services and rental businesses looking for a convenient and efficient way to grind isolated stumps in tough locations.

Verified by Jerry Morey, president of Bandit Industries.
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Cutterhead diameter: 19 inches

Engine power: 20-hp gas engine

Cutterhead teeth: 24

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