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Oct. 1, 2006
Makita's new 8-inch circular saw has a 2-7/8-inch cutting capacity for larger wood-cutting applications. Two LED lights illuminate the line of cut for

Makita's new 8¼-inch circular saw has a 2-7/8-inch cutting capacity for larger wood-cutting applications. Two LED lights illuminate the line of cut for increased accuracy. The light is built into the tool housing so it doesn't obstruct vision or interfere with the line of cut. A separate on/off switch for the light is located on the tool body for easy activation.
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Clare Instruments offers a free electrical safety-testing booklet for professionals in the rental industry. The booklet illustrates the key dangers of electricity, highlights legal responsibilities and provides guidance on the safe operation and servicing of rented electrical equipment. For more information visit www.clareinstruments.com.
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Caterpillar increased the operator viewing area in the IT38G Series II integrated toolcarrier, which allows for easier changes of attachments. Structural changes increase full-turn static tipping load by 14 percent to 19,106 pounds. The effects are improved stability and greater work capabilities without reducing responsiveness.
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Rogers' 90-foot, 60-ton capacity trailer was built to haul transformers, rough-terrain cranes, excavators and other heavy equipment with little or no breakdown. The trailer features three air-ride axles with 54-½-inch axle spacings combined with a 14-foot, 1-inch booster assembly and two detachable axles. The booster can be removed and the rear assembly can be run as a 3-axle, close-coupled 4-axle, or 5-axle when hauling lighter loads or when a spread axle configuration is not required.
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Kawasaki adds the FH1000V engine to its FH Series in response to the demand for power in riding mowers with 72-inch decks. The compact FH1000V engine features hemispherical combustion chambers and three valves per cylinder, with the company's overhead v-valve technology that is designed to ensure low emissions, high power and smooth operation. The engine also features a twin barrel, internally vented carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid, large-capacity fuel pump and catalyst muffler option.
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SiteStar lube skid from Iowa Mold Tooling enables mechanics and truck operators to deliver oil, coolant and water to jobsites. The lube skid is designed to fit in the back of the IMT Dominator mechanics truck and consists of tanks with hose reels to top off equipment fluids. The lube skid has polyethylene tanks, which are 80 percent lighter than equal-sized steel tanks. The lube skid can be removed easily for truck-bed space when necessary.
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The THC-85 and THC-175 Heat Cannon tent heaters from Flagro Industries are available in propane or natural gas-fired versions and produce either 85,000 or 175,000 Btu/hour. Features include a thermostat, large wheels and heavy-duty lifting handles. The units can be equipped with 10 feet of ducting or heat diffusers to move heated air into the tent.
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