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June 1, 2006
With 110,000 foot-pounds of torque, the LoDril DH-100 becomes the most powerful LoDril in the Bay Shore Systems' product line. The attachment weighs 26,500

With 110,000 foot-pounds of torque, the LoDril DH-100 becomes the most powerful LoDril in the Bay Shore Systems' product line. The attachment weighs 26,500 pounds and has a drilling speed of 60 rpm. The DH-100 can drill holes in depths from 30 feet to 100 feet.
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Allmand Bros.' OHV 600 indirect oil-fired portable heater operates on 120 volts with a capacity of 505,000 Btu. Designed with an industrial-grade power burner powered by a ¼-hp motor, the unit delivers 3,100 cfm and a 200- and 220-degree discharge temperatures at 50 degrees ambient. A heavy-duty heat exchanger serves as a barrier to the flame and allows fumes to be vented away from the heated area so the heater can be used in areas with limited ventilation.
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The John Deere 75C zero-tail-swing excavator features the company's Powerwize II engine/hydraulic system, which senses when additional power is needed and delivers it, as well as balancing hydraulic pressure and flow to ensure hydraulic functions are smooth. The unit features an integral backfilling blade that is suited for landscaping, fine grading, and cutting sidewalks and driveways. The 75C has an oil change interval of 500 hours, and a hydraulic oil change interval of 4,000 hours.
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Genie's S-60 HC telescopic boom offers a full range of motion up to 750 pounds. Able to hold up to three people plus gear, the high-capacity boom is designed for mechanical contractors, glazers, bricklayers and others. It supports platform loads up to 1,250 pounds, with an outreach of 40 feet, 8 inches.
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Barreto Manufacturing's grader rake is designed to take the place of the aluminum rake. Instead of bending, the user's back and arms remain straight as the rake is pulled using leg strength. Its compact size allows it to fit where larger machines can't. The rake can be used for finish grading, backfilling, spreading gravel and more. Eurathane tires are designed for easy maneuvering.
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Leyman Lift Gates' new wedge platform on LH and LLB heavy-duty tuck-under gates helps the user with ease of loading and unloading. The LH Hide-A-Way model has a lifting capacity of up to 3,500 pounds and a platform measuring at 80 inches wide by 45 inches deep. The LLB is designed for low floor applications, and has a lifting capacity of up to 2,500 pounds with a platform measuring 80 inches wide by 35 inches deep. The units use a steel cabinet to protect the motor and pump from road and weather elements.
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The D155AX-6 crawler dozer from Komatsu has an operating weight of 87,100 pounds and features a 354-net-hp, 264-kW diesel engine. The dozer is equipped with Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website using wireless technology. Hour meter, location, cautions and maintenance alerts are just a few of the items relayed to the web application for analysis.
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Handy Hitch Manufacturing adds the 90-inch and 120-inch Profile Packer to its line of grader-mounted packer/rollers. Compact and lightweight, the design no longer requires a separate lift assembly. The standard 24-inch Packer Offset and grader adaptor plate is bolted directly to the main heavy-duty steel frame.
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Bomag improved key drive-train components on its 79-inch rotor width asphalt recycler/soil stabilizers. Both the MPH362-2 and MPH364-2 have been repowered with a 6-cylinder, 360-hp Cummins QSM11 water-cooled diesel engine. Both units feature a single-lever control for travel and steer-assist braking. For operator convenience, console gauges monitor rotor drive pressure, forward travel pressure and other key engine components.
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The redesign of the Ridgid K-39 AF drain gun from Ridge Tool features Advanced Feed, a new two-way autofeed feature that allows users to reverse the direction of the cable quickly and easily. The drain gun is designed to push through obstructions quickly, and its lightweight, balanced construction makes it easier to handle. Users move the cable backward and forward with one-hand operation simply by depressing a lever.
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