Sept. 1, 2007
ASV introduces the RC-60 rubber-track loader, which features a hydraulic, quick-attach backhoe. The backhoe includes a remote operator station in front

ASV introduces the RC-60 rubber-track loader, which features a hydraulic, quick-attach backhoe. The backhoe includes a remote operator station in front of the machine cab, which offers improved visibility for maximum productivity. The dig depth of the backhoe is 8 feet. With 1,770 squared inches of track on the ground, the machine and backhoe are stable. Hydraulically extendible outriggers are included for added stability.
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The Handy-Stand turns the Super-Vee power drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners into a countertop or floor machine. The lightweight Handy-Stand can be positioned either horizontally or vertically for optimal customer convenience. Additional features include a quick-release clamp for securing the drain cleaner into position, four-point base for increasing stability and customer safety, and a power cord holder for fewer work obstructions.
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Quest Solutions introduces Estimator 7.5, the latest version of its flagship digitized takeoff and estimating software. The new release features conversion from static bit maps to interactive three-dimensional graphics that build in real time, showing each component as the user adds it. The new expanded view enables the user to see all elements of a project.
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The 27SR-3, 30SR-3 (pictured) and 50SR-3 compact excavators from Kobelco Construction Machinery America are suited for smaller scale excavation needs. The combination of zero-tail swing and center-boom swing gives the operator the maneuverability needed to dig anywhere around the excavator and deposit material precisely with minimal repositioning. The SR-3 Series models range from 5,490 to 10,384 pounds and produce from 21.3 to 40.8 net hp.
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Kioti Tractor introduces the DK45SE HST tractor. The tractor comes equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which simplifies operation of the tractor and improves productivity. The DK45SE HST has a lifting capacity of 2,493 pounds and is designed with a three-point hitch for easy mounting of attachments or implements.
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The 24-inch Tip-Proof Level with Magnetic V-Groove from Mayes Brothers Tool Manufacturing, a division of Great Neck Saw Manufacturers provides a tip-proof design that streamlines work activities and offers an increased degree of safety. Other design benefits include three high-visibility precision vials with protective acrylic windows that provide easy-to-read accurate measurements; rubberized ends to reduce surface marring; and polystyrene construction for strength and durability.
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Electric Eel Mfg. announces a newly designed belt guard for the Model E drain-cleaning machine. The new guard is constructed of heavy-duty thermo plastic and mounts securely to the motor with a thumb screw. The guard can be easily removed for changing belts or removing the cable drum.
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Shark Pressure Washers introduces two self-contained trailer packages designed for portable washing stations. The packages feature single- (pictured) and tandem-axle trailers and come standard with a 200- or 330-gallon polyethylene water tank, two 3-way ball valves, recessed electrical wiring and a rugged steel cage. The single-axle trailer has a weight capacity of 3,300 pounds and the double-axle trailer features a capacity of 6,000 pounds.
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