July 1, 2007
John Deere The new Worksite Pro hydraulic breakers from John Deere feature a solid one-piece design that does not need side bolts, which results in a

John Deere

The new Worksite Pro hydraulic breakers from John Deere feature a solid one-piece design that does not need side bolts, which results in a tough breaker that is suited to heavy-duty applications. The breakers can be used with skid-steer loaders, compact-track loaders and compact excavators. The low-pressure, nitrogen-charged design cushions operators from recoil, while the narrow overall shape allows these breakers to work in tight quarters and crowded jobsites. With few seals and moving parts, and no special tools necessary, these breakers are engineered to offer durability and simplified maintenance.
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The new JACK 11335 35-pound breaker hammer hits with 34 foot-pounds of impact force and can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications. It features an Active Vibration Reduction handle to reduce vibration and a special articulating auxiliary feature on the handle helps users maintain the best working posture possible. Each JACK comes with the new Bosch self-sharpening star-point hex chisel, which offers constant high removal rates and eliminates service costs due to its self-sharpening star-point design.
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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco's new SB hydraulic breaker attachment line includes the 183-pound SB 102 and the 275-pound SB 152. For use on smaller carriers in the 2,425- to 9,900-pound weight class, each SB breaker is designed with a compact, slim-line shape to enhance operator visibility and allow easier working in confined spaces such as inside buildings or in narrow trenches. Delivering maximum impact rates up to 2,280 blows per minute, the new SB breakers hit up to 50-percent faster than their predecessors.
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The Bobcat HB1180 hydraulic breaker attachment has a new internal design with fewer moving parts, which reduces overall service time. Another major advancement, the company says, is the auto power feature, which is an automatic pressure regulator that ensures maximum performance of the hydraulic breaker, regardless of tool carrier hydraulic flow variations or changes in outdoor temperature. This means that each hydraulic breaker attachment delivers a high performance impact blow within a vast flow range of carriers.
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The BH 24 breakers from Wacker are designed to produce more power and reduce hand/arm vibration. The gasoline-powered BH 24 features an optimized percussion system. The piston and striker have a reconfigured shape that reduces the weight and increases the velocity to make for a harder hitting breaker. Also contributing to the reduced vibration is Wacker's patented vibration damping protective housing.
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Chicago Pneumatic

Designed for small jobs or working in remote locations, the new Red Hawk gas-powered breaker features quiet operation and zero set-up time for a range of applications. It delivers an impact rate of 2,600 blows per minute and weighs 50 pounds, making the breaker easy to transport around a jobsite. An assortment of 19 tools and accessories are available for the Red Hawk, giving the unit versatility for concrete breaking, asphalt cutting, digging, post driving, soil compacting and tie-tamping.
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Brunner & Lay

Brunner & Lay manufactures a wide range of demolition tools in the United States for use with most types of heavy-duty, boom-mounted breaker machines in use worldwide. Its tools are manufactured from high-quality steel, which is then heat-treated in ultra modern pit-type furnaces to create the hardness, impact strength and durability required to face the arduous conditions found in quarrying and mining, the company says. Brunner & Lay's range of tools include points, chisels, blunts, and other specialized working ends.
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Ingersoll Rand

The medium range Ingersoll Rand Tramac hydraulic breakers are designed for use on large backhoe loaders and medium-size excavators to effectively break oversize boulders, excavate and demolish concrete up to 6-feet thick. The breakers also feature a patented energy recovery valve that recycles recoil energy and adds it to the next blow. A progressive start system creates a small niche in the material, preventing the breaker from sliding by applying the first few blows with low energy before full power is applied.
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DeWalt introduces the D25980K, its first heavy-duty pavement breaker, which is designed to provide end users with increased durability, performance and low vibration, and includes a two-year free service warranty. To provide a high level of durability, DeWalt equipped the D25980K with metal, automotive-style seals on the ram and piston, which help to prevent dust and debris from entering the unit, ensuring a longer life.
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The Arrow Hammer model 1350 is a pneumatic-tired, mobile hydraulic hammer that operates both on and off paved surfaces. An 80-hp John Deere diesel engine provides power for the Arrow Hammer. The standard synchromesh transmission allows the machine to be driven at speeds up to 20 mph. During operation, the unit propels itself through a hydraulically controlled creeper gear, providing speeds up to 63 feet per minute. It is designed to break, cut, and score concrete, rock, and asphalt into sizes suitable for excavation, recovery, or cracking and seating. It also compacts and tamps backfill, with adjustable impact up to 13,000 foot-pounds.
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Huskie Hydraulic Hammer

Huskie Hydraulic Series II breakers include models from HH150-2 through HH1000-2 with impact energies from 200 foot-pounds to 1,200 foot-pounds. While some of the hammers sport greater energies than the company's Series 1 models of the same number, all Huskie hammers with impact energies up to 8,000 foot-pounds still offer users improved serviceability thanks to a significant reduction in total parts.
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The Hilti TE 905 breaker with active vibration reduction and a double-casing design with a metal housing is designed for operator comfort. The tool's AVR system, no-load hammering and kickback-dampening device reduces stress on the tool, which translates into more productivity and less servicing for rental customers, the company says. Utilizing power input of 1,600 watts, the TE 905 has a hammering speed of 2,200 blows per minute and single impact energy of 12.5 foot pounds.
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