Second Half New Products/Late-year Gear

Sept. 2, 2009
Arrow-Master, Metabo

Arrow-Master’s P-Series plate compactors feature a vibration system that incorporates a full-width weight shaft and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings directly into the base. Each unit has a reversible guide handle and double-formed leading edge for improved climbing. The P-Series vibratory plate compactors feature travel rates up to 135 feet per minute and centrifugal forces ranging from 2,500 to 5,300 pounds.

The newly launched 18 V PowerMaster Lithium Ion cordless power tools line includes the new BS18 LTX drill/driver. It features Metabo’s hex spindle technology that allows the user to remove the chuck and drive screws with the ¼-inch hexagon-recessed spindle. This gives the operator added versatility to use the cordless tool in tight or cramped spaces, such as maneuvering around joists or in assembly operations.