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March 1, 2007
Dozens of new products were introduced recently at The World of Concrete show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 23-26 in Las Vegas, and The

Dozens of new products were introduced recently at The World of Concrete show, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Jan. 23-26 in Las Vegas, and The Rental Show, held Feb. 8-10 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Here are just a few.

Solutions Enlightens and Reports

At The Rental Show, Solutions by Computer introduced Enlighten software for its Enfinity system on Windows. With Enlighten, customer, inventory and transaction data appear in a multi-dimensional presentation that facilitates spotting relationships and trends. “The history of a product group can be analyzed as to revenue trends by postal code, specifying the ‘use at’ jobsite address associated with the transaction to give an accurate analysis of geographic utilization,” says Solutions by Computer CEO Jack Shea.

Enlighten is designed to instantly conceptualize a high-level presentation of revenue for any time period by major rental product group, then drill down to the various components of that group to uncover revenue trends by type of customer renting the specific product.

The company also introduced E-Reports software that allows rental businesses to provide their customers with online account analysis capabilities. E-Reporting operates in real time. It allows end user customers to use the Internet at their convenience to log onto a special website and select from a range of pre-authorized reports related to their account activity.
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JLG Showcases Personnel Work Platform for Telehandlers

At the World of Concrete show, JLG introduced a new personnel work platform for use with its JLG, Gradall, Lull and SkyTrack telehandlers. The attachment, compliant with ANSI standards, is a fork-mounted unit designed to be quickly installed and locked into place. The personnel work platform provides a safe approach to lift workers to hard-to-reach areas.

The use of the platform on JLG-brand telehandlers allows workers to be lifted as high as 55 feet on rough-terrain sites where access with alternative equipment could be difficult. The 32-square-foot platform features a 1,000-pound capacity designed to comfortably and safely hold two people. The platform features a swing-gate entry with a removable front panel. The platform has steel mesh flooring and eight lanyard-attachment points.
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Case Upgrades Wheel Loader

Case Construction Equipment has upgraded the 921E wheel loader to join its E Series line, with an electronically controlled engine to increase efficiency, a more comfortable cab with enhanced visibility and easier maintenance. The wheel loader, introduced at World of Concrete, delivers a larger payload of 5.75 cubic yards.

Access has been improved to fluid-level sight gauges and centralized grease fittings, and all checks can be made from ground level. A one-piece electric lift hood replaces six access panels.

The Tier 3-certified engine incorporates the new common-rail fuel-injection system, which allows air and fuel to mix in nearly equal proportions for a cleaner burn. Operators can choose between three power curves — max, standard and economy power — and four work modes — max, standard, economy and auto.

At max performance, the six-cylinder engine offers 297 net hp.
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Smaller is Stronger

New Holland introduced the C175 compact track loader. The unit has a 2,200-pound rated operating capacity and an operating weight of 7,535 pounds. With an overall width of 71.1 inches over the tracks, a length of 129.5 inches and a ground pressure of 5.3 psi, the C175 is designed to fit on most standard trailers and get into hard-to-reach areas.

The C175 — introduced at the World of Concrete — has a New Holland turbocharged engine rated at 60 gross hp and features a standard two-speed transmission for travel speeds up to 7.4 mph. With a 10-foot lift height and 30 inches of forward reach, the unit can move larger loads than earlier versions.

“The new machine also has many of the same optional features found on our larger compact track loaders, such as an air-conditioned cab and pilot controls,” says David Daniels, New Holland brand marketing manager.
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Portable Vacuum Excavator Does Double Duty

The new Ditch Witch FX30 vacuum excavation system is both a portable vacuum unit that can be used for a variety of utility cleanup operations and an efficient soft excavating machine. The FX30's 2-lobe blower develops 500 cfm and 15 inches of mercury, providing powerful suction force.

The unit's drive system is engineered to provide efficient use of power, and the clutch of the high-pressure water pump automatically disengages when water is not in use, allowing full horsepower to go to the blower. A single element, 3-micron 100-square-foot filter cleans air going to the blower.

A primary use of the vacuum function for utility construction is to keep surface areas of construction sites free of drilling fluids that escape from bore holes during directional drilling. The FX30 sucks fluids into its 800-gallon vacuum tank, which tips to a 45-degree angle for dumping. The FX30 can also dig potholes to expose buried pipe or cable without the risk of damage associated with backhoes, excavators or other mechanical tools.
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Combihammer Knows the Drill

The new Hilti TE Combihammer is designed for drilling holes in rebar dowels or anchor bolts in concrete, stone and masonry, or for moderate chiseling on concrete and masonry. The TE has a 1,050-watt motor and hammering mechanism for drilling up to 1-inch diameter holes.

The tool's D-grip function improves balance, hand-ling and comfort. Equipped with constant motor electronics, the TE 50 provides a constant drilling speed despite power-source fluctuations.

The TE 50 comes equipped with Hilti's theft protection system, which can help reduce insurance and replacement costs. The system consists of a company card, activation key and an electronic module inside the tool. When activated, the tool, if stolen, will lock after 20 minutes and cannot be restarted without the activation key.
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Deere J-Series Backhoe Loaders Loaded With Improvements

The new John Deere J-Series backhoe loaders — the 310J, 310SJ, 410J (pictured) and 710J — provide all-new power train components and numerous structural and electrical enhancements.

The new ZF power train components include the transmission, front and rear axle. All models provide power-shift transmissions for clutch-free gear shifting. Deere's Total Machine Control option facilitates road speed and hill-climbing capability. Multi-plate clutch engagement allows for on-the-fly mechanical front-wheel-drive engagement coupled with limited-slip differential.

The electrical system on the J-Series features several new enhancements such as a multi-language digital monitor that provides on-board diagnostics. Solid-state electronics minimize relays and help improve electrical reliability. An anti-theft system option is available. A single radiator cooling system has improved over older models. Low temperature circuit, oil-to-water coolers for the transmission and hydraulic oil circuits help warm oil faster and minimize cleaning time. Lower fan speed helps save fuel.
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Generator Comes Diesel-ready and Rental-ready

Subaru Robin introduced its new line of diesel generators, which are powered by Hatz four-cycle, single-cylinder diesel engines. The RGD3300H and the RGD5000H (pictured) join the company's existing line of gasoline-powered generators, but are designed to provide durable operation for diesel-ready jobsites such as in the oil, mining and marine industries.

The RGD3300H uses a 6.8-hp Hatz 1B30 engine with a rated output of 3,000 watts, while the larger RGD5000H uses a 9.9-hp Hatz 1B40 for a rated output of 5,000 watts. Both models have electric starters with recoil backup, while GFCI receptacles and fuseless circuit breakers protect the current level.

The single-phase capacitor-type generators incorporate an extensive control panel with standard features that include a full-power switch, voltmeter and 12-volt DC charging, as well as a spark arrestor that lessens both noise and ignition risk. Large 4.4-gallon fuel tanks allow for hours of continuous operation, while a low-oil shutdown system prevents damage to the engine should lubrication levels drop. The hour meter is engineered especially for rental centers, which can schedule maintenance at recommended intervals to help ensure the generator continues to function properly.
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Genie Redesigns Telehandlers for Maximum Efficiency

Redesigned to easily maneuver in tight spaces without compromising reach and lift capacity, the GTH-1048 and GTH-1056 (pictured) rough-terrain telehandlers are suited for moving heavy loads, such as steel and bricks, with a maximum lift capacity up to 10,000 pounds.

The GTH-1048 has 31 feet of outreach and is capable of lifting 6,000 pounds to 48 feet, and the GTH-1056 features an outreach of 40 feet and lifts 4,000 pounds to 56 feet. With an outside turning radius of just under 14 feet, and three different steering modes — crab, coordinated and front wheel — the GTH-1048 and GTH-1056 come standard with a multitude of features designed for easy maneuverability around tight jobsites.

“With the redesign, these units offer contractors improved load-carrying capacity for higher utilization rates, as well as a revamped quick-attach system that allows for more interchange of attachments between models and brands,” says Luke Webber, Genie telehandler product manager.
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Wacker Saws Carve Out Performance

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Wacker introduced 50 new products at World of Concrete. The company's series of BFS walk-behind saws are designed for better cutting performance, which is achieved by placing the engine forward on the unit, directly over the cutting area. The design better distributes the majority of the machine's weight, allowing it to pull the saw forward with less effort and provide straight cuts. The frame is made from steel to protect the engine and provide machine stability.

Designed for a long life and low maintenance, the BFS series features a poly V-belt that provides direct power transmission from the engine to the cutting shaft. Because the belt will experience less wear, the saws run at top performance for an extended period, the company says. A vibration damping ergonomic handle system makes individual adjustments to the handle width and height possible, allowing for optimum operator comfort and control of the unit.
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Portable Ventilation Blower Maintains Healthy Air Anywhere

The EP8 portable electric air ventilation blower from General Equipment is designed to make it easy to conform to strict OSHA regulations relating to occupational safety and health standards in confined spaces. It works for supplying air around construction sites, removing toxic and noxious gases from sewers and confined areas, detecting sewer line leaks, cleaning tanks and vaults, and cooling personnel in utility trenches.

Powered by a 1/3-hp, single-phase electric motor rated for continuous service, the EP8 operates from either a grounded 110 AC outlet or an appropriate size AC electric generator. A replaceable fuse system is included for component and operator safety.

The heavy-gauge sheet metal frame and cast aluminum blower housing are built for improved durability. A multi-vane fan mounts directly to the motor shaft, eliminating bearings and belts, which minimizes scheduled maintenance intervals.
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Caterpillar Aims for a Hit with New Hydraulic Hammer

Caterpillar's new H65Ds hydraulic hammer is the company's largest hammer option for compact equipment users. Features include an enclosed housing to protect the power cell, eliminate side plate bolts and reduce noise levels; recoil isolation to protect the carrier from damaging reflective forces; and ultra high blow rate for greater productivity in concrete and asphalt applications.

The H65Ds is sized for use with all Cat skid-steer and multi-terrain loaders as well as the following mini-hydraulic excavators: 303.5C, 303C CR, 304C CR and 305C CR. The new hammer is compatible with the Caterpillar pin-grabber, quick-coupler system. For expanded versatility, the H65Ds can be equipped with a chisel, moil, spade or compacting plate.
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Vermeer SC352 Cuts Stumps Down to Size

Vermeer reintroduces the SC352 stump cutter, which comes equipped with four new features: a 4-wheel drive (4WD) option; 35-hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block gasoline engine option; chip blade option; and standard oscillating front steering axle.

The 4WD feature on the SC352 is an optional offering to provide improved traction in difficult ground conditions. “There are many jobsite applications in which 4WD is critical,” says Chris Nichols, environmental sales manager for Vermeer. “Whether it's mud, sand or uneven terrain, the 4WD option allows operators to get the machine to nearly any location.”

The optional chip blade helps eliminate the need for manual shoveling during jobsite cleanup. The blade, which can be lifted hydraulically from the operator's station, moves chips into the hold made after removing a stump, or can be used to aid in collection for hauling the chips off site.

A new standard feature on the SC352 is the oscillating front steering axle, which features improved ground contact stability and tractive effort in certain ground conditions.
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Lincoln Electric Showcases Spool Gun

The Magnum 100SG spool gun from Lincoln Electric is designed to provide reliable and precise wire feeding performance for soft aluminum wire. Designed for novice and experienced welders, the 100SG comes as a complete kit in a cushioned carrying case with everything needed to get started. To reduce the number of expendable parts, this spool gun uses the same contact tips and nozzles as the standard Magnum 100L MIG gun.

The spool gun weighs in at 3.5 pounds and is suited for quick projects and repairs because it does not require a bulky adaptor module. All combinations of specified aluminum alloys and wire diameters can be fed with the same drive roll and liner assembly. The Magnum 100SG is recommended for use with the MIG140C, 104T, 180C and 180T from Lincoln Electric.
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Strong Shell Gives Hardhat Protection

There is a reason hardhats are required on all construction sites: to protect against construction materials. Atlas Copco has taken the idea of hardhat protection and extended it to its equipment. The XAS 185 JD7 HardHat portable air compressor features a polyethylene shell that is capable of withstanding harsh environments and resisting dents, rust corrosion and fading, as well as minimizing damage brought on by the daily bumps and bangs received by small equipment.

A four-cylinder, 49-hp John Deere diesel engine and Atlas Copco's patented rotary screw air-end generates 185 cfm. The controls, lights and couplers are all tucked away and recessed to minimize the chance of damage. Both the waist-high controls and the dual-air couplers are at the rear of the machine for easy accessibility. The balance of the HardHat makes it safe for one person to hook up to the machine and move about the jobsite.
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Chicago Pneumatic Reduces Hammer Vibration

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools introduced its new vibration-reduced CP 0017 SVR chipping hammer at The Rental Show. The new tool features several upgraded components for greater wear resistance.

The CP 0017 SVR replaces two previous CP chipping hammer models that utilized a rubber vibration isolator. The new chipping hammer features a strong steel spring vibration isolator assembly that limits vibration levels, offering increased operator comfort and productivity, the company says. The unit also features a standard D-type ergonomic trigger handle.

The new vibration isolator assembly is designed for easy maintenance and better durability under stressful working conditions. Several other internal components have also been improved for increased reliability and longer service intervals, resulting in lower overall service costs.
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