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Oct. 1, 2006
Diamond Products Diamond Products introduces the fast-cutting Poly-Cut 14-inch diamond blade for PVC and ductile iron pipe. The 14-inch Poly-Cut blade

Diamond Products

Diamond Products introduces the fast-cutting Poly-Cut 14-inch diamond blade for PVC and ductile iron pipe. The 14-inch Poly-Cut blade cuts all types of PVC pipe and ductile iron and is built to cut faster than conventional ductile iron blades. It is designed for use on gas-powered cut-off and chop saws. It features a special layered diamond technology with high-quality diamonds designed for extra-long blade life. It creates a smooth cutting edge with a unique deburring abrasive material adhered to the side of the blade.
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Milwaukee Electric Tool

Milwaukee's new line of Flap Discs is designed for grinding and finishing metals. The discs are made with high-performance zirconia grain for longer life and cooler grinding than fiber discs. The discs are available in flat and conical design configurations, for work on either flat or irregular surfaces. The Flap Discs provide the versatility of grinding and finishing in one operation, eliminating the need for the use of a grinding wheel followed by a fiber disc for finishing, saving both time and money.
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Stow Construction Equipment

Stow Construction Equipment's new diamond blade line is designed to cut materials from tile, brick and mason block, to concrete and asphalt. Individual blades can be used effectively on grinders, circular, cut-off, tile and masonry saws as well as heavy-duty wet and dry road saws. The diamond blades range in size from 4 to 48 inches in diameter. Seven blade types are available: dry/wet cut segmented, small diameter, high-speed dry cutting, specialized dry cutting, tile and masonry, wet-cutting concrete and wet-cutting asphalt. Stow's HSC Series (pictured) of combination diamond blades features a special multipurpose design for use on all concrete, masonry and asphalt materials either wet or dry. The combination line ranges from 12 to 20 inches in diameter.
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Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment uses ARIX technology, a new diamond blade manufacturing process, to improve cutting speed and blade life. With this technology, individual diamond particles are arranged throughout each segment. Each diamond is strategically located to deliver efficiency. The diamonds are also treated with a proprietary process to increase their ability to resist being crushed. Diteq offers ARIX diamond blades for high-speed saws and professional flat-sawing applications.
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The new Contractor Pro high-speed diamond blades extend Hilti's lineup for high-speed gas saws. Available in three versions — general purpose segmented, general purpose turbo and asphalt segmented — the Contractor Pro blades are designed for cutting applications in reinforced concrete, concrete block, clay brick and other masonry materials. Standard with a 20-mm arbor and 1-inch knockout, the blades can adapt to larger saws. Although formulated for dry use, they can also be used wet to reduce dust and noise.
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Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi's G12SA3 grinder delivers 8 amps with 910 watts of input power and 1,900 watts of output power to grind through tough applications. Improved dust protection for the motor is designed to resist wear on the armature and field coils for longer tool life. The on/off switch is center-mounted on top of the grinder and allows the user to comfortably operate the tool with either hand. A one-touch quick-off mechanism provides added safety. Once the lock-on feature is activated on the power switch it only takes one touch of the thumb to shut the tool off. The grinder comes equipped with a side handle that projects forward 70 degrees instead of 90 degrees to the side for a more comfortable position when using the grinder for long stretches.
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Wacker's two new general-purpose blades offer a split segment design, which means there are two shorter segments for every normal segment on a traditional diamond blade. The added number of segments increases the number of exit points, which allows the concrete dust and slurry to be moved out more efficiently, providing faster cutting and longer blade life. Lower vibration is another advantage because of the reduced angle of contact between the blade and cutting surface. The new diamond blades are available in 12-inch and 14-inch sizes to fit the BTS portable cut-off saw line.
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Norton Clipper

The 7-inch Normax DUO blade is designed to be versatile, fast and easy to handle. The V-shape gullets and the laser-welded, split segment design provide versatility, cutting speed and cooling capabilities. The DUO blade cuts in hard materials and medium soft-abrasive materials, such as granite, pave stone and hard brick. Norton offers the Ductile Runner blade for cutting metal.
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Vermont American

With the introduction of several bonded abrasive wheels, Vermont American Power Tool Accessories provides professionals with additional options to get work done efficiently. The new thin metal cut-off wheels have .040-inch thickness for fast, clean cuts with less vibration and are available with straight or depressed centers. The 3/32-inch metal and masonry straight cut-off wheels are designed to last up to 20 percent longer than depressed center wheels. Zirconium flap disks, available in 60, 80 or 120 grit, are designed for finishing/blending metals and last 20 to 25 times longer than fiber disks.
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Stens Industrial

Stens Industrial offers a variety of edger blades to fit most applications. Whether looking for a replacement edger blade for an Echo, Stihl, Honda or Husqvarna edger, the company has a blade that will work. Stens' The Edge edger blades are .120-inch thick and 45-50 Rockwell hardness to give customers long-lasting wear.
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