June 1, 2006
King Concepts The ProGrind Series of floor surfacing machinery features dual drive technology for control power and a multifunctional range of applications,

King Concepts

The ProGrind Series of floor surfacing machinery features dual drive technology for control power and a multifunctional range of applications, such as concrete floor preparation, repair, grinding, polishing of concrete floors and more. Dual drive technology, available on the ProGrind 680 and 820 (pictured) allows the operator to selectively control either speed or direction of the planetary rotation or of the grinding heads, which results in many speed and direction combinations. The ProGrind range is designed to rapidly remove heavy-duty surfaces and coatings, as well as give a dustless application. The ProGrind machines can also grind wet or dry.
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Mi-T-M manufactures two industrial 13- and 18-gallon wet/dry vacuums, the MV-1300-0MEV and MV-1800-0MEV, respectively. The MV-1300-0MEV offers a 1.3-hp continuous motor, 6.9 amperage and 115 cfm, with a water recovery of 9 gallons and a waterlift of 93 inches. The MV-1800-0MEV offers a 1.6-hp continuous motor, 8.3 amperage and 120 cfm, with a water recovery of 13 gallons and a waterlift of 102 inches. The vacuums are designed for stackability, cord management, durability, maneuverability and ease of operation. They both feature a 120-volt, two-stage bypass motor, handle/cord wrap and a 25-foot electrical cord. Exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture.
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General Equipment

General Equipment's SG24/E3HP surface grinder is powered by an enclosed fan-cooled, 3-hp electric motor to provide power for job applications where a gasoline engine is not practical. The unit features standard twin counter-rotating discs that can work a 24-inch by 12-inch area. The discs can be removed quickly to allow 10-inch diameter multi-segmented dry diamond discs to be attached for increased productivity on polymer, concrete, epoxy, plastic overlays and critical flat-floor installations. Other attachment systems are available for breaking up deposits of grease, rubber carpet backing and industrial residues; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tiles; producing exposed aggregate slabs; and buffing and polishing delicate terrazzo and marble floor surfaces.
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Latta Equipment

Latta Equipment introduces the Eliminator filtration system for wood floor sanding to eliminate a dust-filled environment while on the job. The filtration system uses three high-powered vacuum motors for suction and airflow. The high efficiency cyclone removes 98 percent of the dust into a self-bagging 30-gallon collector for easy machine emptying. The Eliminator allows up to two users to simultaneously use a belt/drum sander and an edger with up to 125 feet of hose. The vacuum can also be disconnected and used by itself on small jobs. Features of the unit include an oversized primary filter area with a steel cage that eliminates premature filter clogging, a durable compression cast composite housing that won't dent or rust, a maintenance-free vacuum that increases productivity and decreases cleanup time and an average filter life of three to five years.
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Madvac's improved CN100 sub-compact sweeper features a debris hopper with 1.15 cubic yard total capacity. A swing-out panel filter door allows easier access and permits cleaning of filters without requiring removal. A new automotive-style traction system featuring a go pedal and a hand shifter improves operator safety. A dirty water tank that captures excess water from the debris container has been added, resulting in drier loads. The tank is designed to be easily emptied for the disposal of water.
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Grassroots Technology

The power scrub brush from Grassroots Technology can be used in many applications, such as scrubbing brick and stone patios, cleaning decks, or scrubbing oil spots on garage floors. It can also be used to sweep stones, rock and gravel from hard surfaces or turf. Roofing contractors and sports field managers also have applications where the power brush provides a solution. Available as a complete unit or as an attachment, it fits all of the company's MulchPRO and MulchFluffer models. The product also comes with a rubber splashguard. The scrub brush gives users 14 inches of total scrubbing width.
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Edco grinders are designed to repair damaged slabs, remove deteriorated coatings and prepare surfaces for overlays. Various accessories enable industrial maintenance departments and concrete contractors to use the grinders to eliminate high spots, paint buildup, rain or trowel marks, and manufacturing residue buildup such as rubber, grease, or fiberglass to return concrete to a smooth, clean, level surface. The grinders are available in 11-, 22- and 36-inch working widths, with power options that include gasoline, propane or electric. The units are designed to be easy to use, low maintenance and labor saving.
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Goodway Technologies

The DV-AH air-powered wet-dry HEPA vacuum combines a powerful venturi with an ultra-efficient HEPA filter for extreme fine particle recovery applications. An anti-static pocket prefilter traps particles as small as 1 micron to help extend the life of the filter. It can produce a static water lift of 160 inches and an air displacement of 125 cfm. The detachable roll-out collection tank makes for easy dumping.
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Essex Silver-Line

Essex Silver-Line introduces a drum for its floor sander that requires no tools for paper attachment, while being supported on both sides of the chassis. The SL8V2 uses Velcro technology for paper attachment to the high-density foam rubber. All of the benefits of the SL8 — slow, constant speed and a soft rubber surface — combined with the Velcro make the SL8V2 user friendly, the company says. The SL8V2 Velcro drum is designed for any application, from the roughest floor to a new floor, and allows the do-it-yourselfer to achieve professional results.

Russ Macleish, manager at Taylor Rental Center in Andover, Mass., owns one SL8V2 and four of the SL8 models. He likes that the Velcro makes operation easier for the customers. “The installation of the paper is very, very easy,” he says. “The new Velcro is just very simple to put paper on — you can't miss!” He also says the foam drum absorbs the bounce, making the machine less likely to leave chatter marks, and making it more user friendly with less operator error.
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The Host dry carpet cleaning system uses a low-moisture method that leaves carpets clean and dry immediately after use. It is safe and easy to use, with no chemicals to mix. The system starts with the Dry Carpet Cleaner, an all-natural product containing a blend of moisture, detergent and solvents. Host dissolves, absorbs and traps greasy, oily dirt, spots and odors. The system also includes the Host Dry Clean Machine, which works the cleaner through the carpet using counter-rotating brushes to loosen and dislodge embedded soil that would otherwise remain attached to carpet fibers. The machine also lifts and straightens the carpet pile, making it more durable and extending its life. The unit has no tanks, hoses or filters to clean, making it easy to maintain.
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Stow's floor covering scraper weighs 130 pounds and is designed to remove direct glue-down carpet, hardwood flooring, linoleum, non-slip floor coverings, vinyl tile and other adhesive, cement or mastic. The SFCS16 model is driven by a .75-hp fan-cooled capacitor-start motor and constructed with unitized, welded steel plates for added strength. Operating at 10.3 amps under full load, the scraper can be plugged into any regular 15-amp electrical circuit. It comes standard with 37 feet of GFI-protected extension cord. The scraper's exciter is mounted directly to the drive shaft, and it features a height-adjustable handle that is easily folded for transportation and storage. The foldable handle reduces the machine's height to 23 inches, so it can fit into most car trunks.
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Hiretech's new multiple speed 8-inch drum sander, the HT8 Multi-Speed, is designed to meet the needs of the tool rental industry. The HT8 Multi-Speed meets the need of do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. For novice users, the lower speed settings allow an immediate comfort level to develop before choosing an optional higher speed setting. For experienced users, the unit gives the flexibility to adjust speed settings to match job conditions and maintain higher production rates. The HT8 controller provides four drum rotation speeds, each increasing in rotation to a maximum of 3,400 rpm.
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Cherryhill Manufacturing

The U-Sand is designed to be a user-friendly floor sander for today's rental market. This four-pad sander utilizes a patented random orbit technology enabling it to sand without the risks of damaging a floor. The U-Sand takes the place of three machines (a drum sander, edger and buffer). It can access hard-to-reach areas like closets and hallways and it is virtually dust-free, saving clean-up time. Floors sanded with the U-Sand will have a superior finish, including veneers and parquet, the company says.
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