Nov. 1, 2006
Multiquip The new Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip are designed to eliminate the fans required by some balloon lights to maintain


The new Moonlight glare-free lighting systems from Multiquip are designed to eliminate the fans required by some balloon lights to maintain air in the balloon. The balloon inflates in seconds and a simple plug maintains air pressure and protects the light. Eliminating the need for a fan means dirt and other debris are not blown into the unit, thus extending balloon and engine life while maximizing productivity. The Moonlights are available in 150-, 400- and 1,000-watt outputs and are designed to illuminate areas up to 100 feet from the light source.
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Petersen Brands

The Wobble Light Jr., a 360-degree, self-righting work light, is designed to bounce back from abuse. A polycarbonate dome delivers the light source, and three different models provide lighting output from 10 to 30 feet. The interval ventilation system ensures that the unit stays cool, and the protective dome prevents bulbs from shattering.
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Allmand Bros.

The Night-Lite PRO portable light towers come with Allmand's SHO lighting system as standard equipment. The SHO parallel lamp fixtures provide up to 50 percent more light than competitive units. For optimum corrosion protection, the Night-Lite PRO comes with a new galvanized-steel tower. The unit's engine-generator package includes an 1,800-rpm, liquid-cooled diesel engine and 6-kW generator.
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Ingersoll Rand

The BL2000 self-inflating balloon light is designed to diffuse a strong, glare-free light over a 360-degree area. It has a diameter of 43.3 inches and when placed on an optional mounting system stands 7.5 to 15 feet tall, covering up to a 15,000-square-foot radius. Its 2,000 watts of power are supplied by either a 10-amp, 230-volt source for one lamp, or a 20-amp, 110-volt source for two lamps.
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Godwin Pumps

Godwin Lights portable light towers are engineered to meet an array of illumination needs, and powerful enough to cover 5 to 7 acres. Features include a 14-gauge built-steel, tubular frame for structural reliability in a variety of conditions, a 30-gallon fuel tank, and a self-regulated 6,000-watt generator.
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The LTC 4L heavy-duty, trailer-mounted light tower features a compact and narrow body design for easy transport. Its large-capacity fuel tank allows for 68 hours of continuous lighting/run time. A lockable, weather-protected, powder-coated steel enclosure protects components from the elements. A Zinc/dichromate-treated mast and lam-mounted bar provide corrosion resistance. Four 2,000-pound-rated, zinc-plated leveling jacks provide easy leveling and stability on uneven terrain and in windy conditions.
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Magnum Products

PowerZone portable lights feature an all-steel construction frame and mast, which adjusts to a maximum height of 11 feet. Standard features include quick-disconnect cords, weatherproof control box, GFCI protection and individual ballast boxes with heat shields for safety. The MPL 1000 houses one 1,000-watt metal halide light and the MPL 2000 (pictured) has two 1,000-watt metal halide lights, both with 360-degree horizontal plus vertical rotation.
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The AL4000 Automatic light tower has a reach of 30 feet at full extension and is controlled by an ergonomically positioned winch handle for ease of raising and lowering. The tower rotates a full 360 degrees and has a spring-loaded pin to automatically lock the tower in place while in its upright position. The AL4000 has four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps that can illuminate up to 7½ acres, or provide isolated lighting for evening jobsite applications.
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Bull Dog Power Products

The 1,000-watt and 2,000-watt Power Towers from Bull Dog Power Products now feature rectangular light heads with 30 percent more light coverage. The redesign features a horizontal bulb position and moves both bulb and reflector closer to the lens for more usable light. The light pattern is designed for lighting up highway and construction sites, athletic fields, concerts and community activities.
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Baldor's Pow'r Lite compact mobile light tower features four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps with elliptical light fixtures. Designed to provide light coverage for more than 7 acres, each model is powered by a Baldor 6,000-watt light tower generator. The units feature a Kubota diesel engine and offer a 50-gallon fuel tank for 100 hours of operation.
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Winco's MLS4 modular lighting system may be used as either a stationary power unit or a mobile generator set. The generator module can be removed from the tower/trailer assembly and placed on a separate trailer for portable power at the jobsite, or skid-mounted and placed on site for stationary power. Four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps illuminate up to 7 acres when the tower is raised to its 30-foot maximum height.
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