Heavy Load Roller

Heavy Load Roller

A new, three-point heavy load moving system by Hilman Rollers features a low profile design that enables a rental customer with limited moving experience to move heavy, cumbersome equipment over concrete, hardwood, tile, marble and other finished and unfinished floor surfaces. Computer engineered with a single, steerable front swivel unit and dual rear dolly units covered with anti-slip neoprene pads, plus a padded, ergonomic handle, the tri-glide provides a three-point platform designed for safe operation in open or tight spaces and around corners while accommodating wide loads. Based on a Hilman design that prompts renters to intuitively understand how to operate the system without requiring time-intensive, costly instruction, the tri-glide includes a handy, sure-grip steering/tow handle that is designed to be installed or removed by a single person in less than one minute without using any tools. 732/462-6277
ARA Booth # 2532

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