AGC Amplifies Voice of Construction Industry in 2002 Elections

The Associated General Contractors of America is concluding a two-year effort to build a network of politically active contractors. The election tomorrow culminates AGC's efforts to collect $1 million in PAC receipts, expand the number of candidates supported, increase the average donation to each candidate and build a nationwide grassroots network of politically active contractors.

"The association's leadership wanted to expand our influence and increase the activity of our 35,000 member companies," said Stephen Sandherr, AGC CEO.

Highlights of AGC's 2002 election cycle activities include maximizing contributions in more than 50 competitive races including 23 primary and general elections, contributing to 290 House and Senate candidates and enlisting the support of its 35,000 members in bringing important construction issues to the attention of their elected representatives in Washington and back home.

AGC plans to capitalize on the momentum created this election cycle to again strive for record PAC receipts, expand the annual spring congressional fly-in to the fall, and conduct a Washington Legislative Conference next September.

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