Morbark Pledges Support of AEM “I Make America” Campaign

July 17, 2013

Morbark Inc. this week pledged its support for the Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ “I Make America” campaign. Morbark is a manufacturer of industrial grinding and chipping equipment for the tree care, forestry, sawmill and wood recycling markets.

Launched in 2010, the “I Make America” campaign seeks to encourage elected officials to support legislation that could help protect and create jobs in the U.S. manufacturing industry. The campaign also seeks to increase the awareness of the broad range of workers and communities that depend on manufacturing to sustain jobs and America’s place in the world economy.

“It is no secret that U.S. manufacturing suffered greatly during the last recession, but the truth is, we’ve been allowing it to decline in this country for too many years,” said Jim Shoemaker Jr., Morbark president. “We need to stand up for our industry and put a stop to it while we still can. The “I Make America” campaign will allow Morbark to join with other manufacturers, and their employees, to create a groundswell of support that lawmakers can’t ignore.”

For years, Morbark has been a strong advocate of promoting manufacturing jobs in the United States as an active member of AEM, as well as the Michigan and Central Michigan Manufacturers’ Associations. The “I Make America” program complements the company’s ongoing efforts, while providing its employees with a grassroots approach for sharing with legislators across the country stories of how their jobs contribute to not only the U.S. economy, but also the communities where they live. 

The campaign has enlisted the support of more than 21,000 people nationwide, AEM’s 850+ member companies, and industry organizations. As a supporter of the “I Make America” program, Morbark plans to involve its employees in outreach efforts to their state, local and federal legislators; promote campaign sign-ups at trade shows and with allied trade associations; and produce “A Day in American Life” video telling the story of how the company, employees and the communities where they live make America. To learn more about the company’s “I Make America” activities, visit

Morbark is headquartered in Winn, Mich.