HERC Franchise in Mongolia Appoints Executive Vice President

July 26, 2013

Consolidation Services Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary in Mongolia, Mongolia Equipment Rental Corp., hired Michael Telford to serve as executive vice president of the company, effective Aug. 1st.

Consolidation Services is the Hertz Equipment Rental provider and franchisee in Mongolia, an independent, Western-friendly democracy of approximately 3 million people and one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for foreign investment. The exclusive franchise for Mongolia allows the company to operate a business of renting, selling and maintaining equipment for use in mining, construction, materials-handling, commercial and industrial activities under the system of Hertz Equipment Rental Corp. and Hertz Equipment Rental System.

Telford is a finance professional with senior level experience developing and executing business plans and facilitating international investment transactions. He has served in financially intensive analytical and managerial roles in financial operations, credit/underwriting, project finance and capital markets. Past appointments include working with borrowers and institutional investors on capital investments into a variety of opportunities, from small start-ups to large infrastructure projects. During the past 13 years, Telford has focused on emerging markets and raising and deploying funding from bilateral/multilateral development organizations and private sources of capital.

As managing partner of HaldaneFrontier, Telford provided interim chief financial officer, financial modeling, investment analysis, corporate strategy, strategic planning, and business plan writing services to small businesses in the United States and abroad. His previous experience includes serving as CFO for Paratus Worldwide, a start-up transportation security company operating in Iraq, and as vice president at Interlink Capital Strategies, where he was responsible for developing and operating an Iraq-wide grants program.

"As someone with an academic and professional background in analyzing emerging market economies and business opportunities within them, I believe it's an exciting time to focus on services supporting mining, real estate and infrastructure development in Mongolia,” Telford said. “I look forward to working with former U.S. Ambassador Michael Ussery, Brady Strahl, Gary Kucher and the other members of the Consolidation Services and Mongolia Equipment Rental Corp. teams in this rapidly expanding economy."

For more information, visit: consolidation-services.com or mongoliaequipment.com.