Generator Rental Specialist Apex Powers Up its Fleet Investment

July 12, 2013

Scottish generator rental specialist Apex Generators has invested more than £1 million in its generator fleet, the company said. Seventy new generators and 20 security generator enclosures will boost its fleet to 530 units with generators ranging from 10kW to 1000kW.

To support the continued growth in its fleet, Apex Generators is also investing in the next generation of engineers by offering an annual apprenticeship program. The apprentices follow a structured training plan, working with Apex’s team of engineers.

“Training apprentices is great for our business,” said service manager Jerry Lee. “It allows us to train engineers specifically on our equipment and to our high standards. The investment we make in these lads is worth every penny.”

Apex, based in Glasgow with branches throughout the U.K., is active in the energy and industrial sectors as well as construction. The company is also active in events, such as its recent powering of a concert by The Stone Roses on the Glasgow Green.