Bobcat Co. Offers Live Demos and Test Drives of Electric-Powered Construction Equipment in California

May 26, 2022
The zero-emission, off-road construction equipment is designed to support the state’s climate goals, improve air quality and help promote a low-carbon future.

Bobcat Co., a global leader in the compact equipment industry, recently showcased the capabilities of its battery powered construction equipment lineup at a series of test drive and live demonstration events in Granada Hills, Calif., near Los Angeles and in Stockton, Calif. This unique tour featured the Bobcat T7X all-electric compact track loader and two electric compact excavators, the E32e and E10e. Each of these new models are viable alternatives to diesel equipment for government and private fleets to reduce carbon footprints and reduce jobsite noise levels.

Attending the events included leaders from California Air Resources Board, City of Los Angeles, Port of Los Angeles, Stanislaus County and other public organizations, as well as Sunbelt Rentals, Bobcat dealers and construction contractors. Attendees had the opportunity to test drive the machines, participate in live demonstrations, and meet with the innovators behind the electric-powered off-road equipment.

“These electric, off-road construction machines are a promising step in our aim to increase access to clean off-road equipment that produces near-zero emissions in California,” said William Robertson, Ph.D., vehicle program specialist with the Mobile Source Control Division at California Air Resources Board. “The commercialization of cleaner off-road technologies shown at these events are exciting examples supporting the state’s transition to a clean energy economy.”

Bobcat is the first to commercialize a dedicated all-electric construction machine within the compact size range. Sunbelt Rentals, a premier equipment rental company with more than 1,050 locations across North America, is the first company to invest in a large fleet of T7X loaders, as well as electric compact excavators. These pieces of equipment are scheduled to be delivered and available for rent by Sunbelt Rental customers in California and at other U.S. locations starting in July.

Construction equipment is the next frontier in electric vehicles

"We are thrilled to showcase these machines and demonstrate how off-road construction equipment is the next frontier in electric vehicles. They are designed to deliver a smaller carbon footprint and a quieter jobsite experience but can also outperform their diesel machine counterparts” said Joel Honeyman, vice president of global innovation at Bobcat. “These machines offer zero-emissions and clean solutions that meet today’s growing regulations, as well as the high standards of government and construction customers in a variety of applications.” 

The Bobcat T7X, an all-electric compact track loader, is the first machine of its kind to eliminate all hydraulic components, emissions and reduced vibrations. Debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2022, the T7X received two 2022 CES Innovation Awards in the Categories of Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation and Smart Cities. This was the first time the public was invited to experience the T7X since the launch of the machine at CES.

The traditional hydraulic work group has been completely replaced with an electrical drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors, which means virtually no fluids. The new, all-electric T7X uses less than one gallon of eco-friendly coolant compared to 57 gallons of fluid in its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model.

“The T7X compact track loader and our electric excavator lineup are technological feats for Bobcat and the industry,” said Honeyman. “We continually receive positive comments from operators who drive these EV machines. They are excited about the exceptional power, response time and performance that matches or exceeds the diesel machines they are accustomed to operating but with no emissions.”

With a compact footprint, quiet operation and zero emissions, the new E32e and E10e battery-powered compact excavators operate with performance that equals or exceeds diesel-powered machines. The electrical motors deliver full torque, regardless of rpm, providing top productivity, smooth hydraulic control and on-demand multifunctioning performance with no noticeable power drop.

Powered by lithium-ion batteries and producing zero emissions, the T7X and electric compact excavators support environmentally sensitive worksites. They allow users to operate inside structures where diesel exhaust is restricted. There are also significantly lower noise levels and vibration with these machines, which improves jobsite communication and safety, and allows work in sound-sensitive areas.

The Bobcat electric machines will deliver up to four hours of active work per charge depending on usage and the application. While applications vary, each charge can support common daily work operations and the use of work modes for up to four hours of continuous operation time and a full day of operation during intermittent use or a typical contractor workday.

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