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BigRentz to Partner with Billd to Provide Customers with Financing Options for Construction Materials

Jan. 11, 2024
BigRentz announces a new strategic partnership with Billd to give customers access to financing options purpose-built for construction materials and labor.

BigRentz, the nation’s largest online construction equipment rental network, announces a new strategic partnership with Billd to give customers access to financing options purpose-built for construction materials and labor. Through Billd, a provider of payments for commercial construction subcontractors, customers receive same-day advances that can be used to hire and make purchases in order to more efficiently complete projects and accelerate business growth. For a limited time, new participating customers can also receive their next BigRentz equipment rental free when they finance more than $25,000 in materials or receivables with Billd. 

The initiative is critical for contractors who are taking the brunt of soaring material and labor costs caused by inflation and shortages. A recent report from Billd underscores the extent of this financial burden, finding subcontractors incurred an extra $97 billion in unexpected material and labor expenses last year alone. As a result, the majority of subcontractors experienced a decline in profitability which stymied opportunities for potential business growth. By offering flexible financial solutions and repayment terms, Billd is helping firms overcome these hurdles in order to focus on delivering quality projects and winning new business.

“This strategic partnership with Billd reflects BigRentz’s commitment to providing comprehensive industry solutions that go beyond equipment rentals and that address the diverse needs of our customers,” said BigRentz CEO Scott Cannon. “By working alongside Billd, BigRentz is helping contractors more seamlessly manage their equipment rentals and project finances in order to free up capital and time, which can be used to invest in their companies, deliver quality projects and continue expanding.” 

“At Billd, we are on a mission to be the ‘Champion of the Sub’ by providing construction-specific financial solutions and partnerships,” said Billd CEO Chris Doyle. “Whether they’re taking on new projects to grow their business, or adding new equipment to complete projects on time with BigRentz our partnership helps arm subcontractors with the financial flexibility and working capital they need to do great work.”

“Having led companies addressing the complexities of the construction and logistics sectors firsthand, I recognize the urgency for transformative financial solutions,” Cannon told RER. “At BigRentz, we envision a future where contractors don't just rent equipment but so have seamless access to financing tailored to their needs. Our partnership with Billd underscores BigRentz's dedication to equipping contractors with the resources they need to thrive amidst evolving industry dynamics.

"The construction landscape is evolving rapidly, and embracing software to improve processes and bottom lines is no longer optional—it's essential. By leveraging digital solutions, such as project management software and technology-enabled platforms, companies can gain a competitive edge and manage an expanding portfolio of projects and resources effectively. The future belongs to those who harness technology to drive innovation and operational excellence."

Founded in 2012, BigRentz has grown a network of more than 6,000 equipment supply partners, spanning 13,900 locations throughout the U.S. The company’s industry-leading digital platform simplifies equipment procurement and project management by offering a self-service equipment rental solution, providing customers access to real-time data and reporting, and making it easy to track costs and budgets across multiple projects. Billd, meanwhile, has helped thousands of subcontractors across the United States secure working capital to grow their business.

The Billd partnership comes on the heels of the launch of BigRentz+, a comprehensive solution providing enterprise-level clients exclusive benefits including preferred fixed equipment nationwide pricing, priority delivery, quarterly business reviews and dedicated customer service.

BigRentz, based in Irvine, Calif., is No. 53 on the RER 100.