Photo by Polaris Commercial
Polaris Ranger 2023

United Rentals Orders All-Electric Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic UTVs

April 26, 2023
United Rentals is buying more Polaris Commercial all-electric utility vehicles to make jobsites cleaner, more environmentally friendly and quieter – helping customers meet sustainability initiatives and reduce maintenance requirements.

Construction and industrial jobsites are often loud, dirty and diesel- and gas-powered, but United Rentals is paving a new path with the addition of all-electric Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic utility vehicles. United Rentals, the world’s largest equipment rental company, is expanding its partnership with Polaris Commercial, a division of Polaris, to include more all-electric utility vehicles that will help make jobsites cleaner, more environmentally friendly and quieter – helping customers meet sustainability initiatives and reduce maintenance requirements.

“Polaris and United Rentals customers are very demanding of their utility vehicles – all our UTV customers expect the best from Polaris as the world leader in powersports and off-road innovation,” said Jamie Juliano, director of commercial sales, North America, Polaris. “Ranger XP Kinetic establishes a new standard for UTV performance and productivity, delivering uncompromised capability, unrivaled durability and refined performance in an all-electric, sustainable platform.”

“There used to be a concern around electric vehicles that they were less capable than their combustion engine counterparts -- and that’s just not the case anymore. Electric vehicles provide a lot of benefits on the jobsite and it’s important that United Rentals’ customers have access to them, without sacrificing the task at hand,” said TJ Mahoney, vice president, supply chain, United Rentals. “Adding Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic UTVs bolsters our UTV fleet while supporting our, and our customers’, sustainability initiatives and electrification strategy.”

Ranger XP Kinetic’s electric powertrain’s instantaneous torque delivers precise control when pulling or towing heavy loads. An advanced drivetrain features fewer moving parts for lower maintenance costs and more uptime for increased productivity. Plus, the quiet electric powertrain means easier communications with coworkers, the ability to work in the early morning without waking neighbors, and quieter operation around jobsites.

The all-new Ranger XP Kinetic features the most horsepower and torque ever found in a utility side-by-side, Polaris said. A class-leading 110 HP and 140lb-ft of instant torque deliver maximum capability for confidently hauling and towing heavy loads, even over the toughest terrain. The unit can tow 2,500 pounds and haul 1,250 pounds. Ranger XP Kinetic also features 14 inches of ground clearance to rise over obstacles, and it is equipped with 29-inch, 8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tires for added traction and durability to crawl over jobsite debris and ruts. With 10 inches of suspension travel, XP Kinetic smooths out the bumps so customers can ride comfortably in challenging terrain.


Ranger XP Kinetic is durable so riders can maximize their uptime and improve productivity. An electric powertrain features fewer moving parts than gas-powered models, meaning less maintenance. Ranger XP Kinetic has been torture-tested in extreme conditions and treacherous terrain and is backed by 1-year factory warranty, 3-year electric powertrain coverage, and 5-year battery coverage. The electric powertrain does not require oil changes, filter replacements, spark plugs or clutch maintenance. Scheduled maintenance costs are expected to be 70-percent less than average maintenance costs for similar gas-powered vehicles (Manufacturer estimate based on average scheduled maintenance costs over the course of a 5-year timeframe.) Ranger XP Kinetic also features a full-coverage front bumper and full-body skid plate for added vehicle protection while riding on tough terrain.

The Ranger XP Kinetic also delivers refined performance with clean, quiet operation around jobsites. The electric powertrain delivers smooth, precise control when operating at low speeds, so operators will have full control and confidence whether towing, backing up to a trailer or moving between buildings and other equipment. Ranger XP Kinetic is available as a 3-seat model and offered in Premium and Ultimate trims. The Premium trim is equipped with 14.9 kWh of lithium-ion battery capacity and offers an estimated range of up-to 45 miles, while the Ultimate trim boasts 29.8 kWh of battery capacity and offers an estimated range of up-to 80 miles.

Ranger XP Kinetic is also packed with smart performance features to help maximize productivity. Convenient charging options are designed to fit specific customer needs and are as easy as plugging into a standard wall outlet. A 12V cargo box outlet is convenient for powering accessories like tools, electronics and communication devices or charging portable batteries. A new shifter design includes high, low, neutral and park, and features a new, integrated switch for forward and reverse, enabling customers to change direction with the flip of a switch. This new feature makes tasks like plowing fast and efficient.

In addition to high and low gear, RANGER XP Kinetic also has three drive modes for maximum versatility optimized to driving conditions and range management:

  • Eco+: Optimizes torque and top speed for maximum range and light duty jobs
  • Standard: Optimizes throttle response for everyday driving and moderate-sized jobs
  • Sport: Optimizes throttle response for spirited driving and tough jobs

“Ranger XP Kinetic is built for our hard-working customers who take pride in their work, value accomplishment, and are always looking for ways to maximize their productivity,” said Juliano. “It unlocks the benefits of electrification to enable these customers to drive efficiency and get more done, giving them the power to do more than ever before.” 

United Rentals’ equipment is sourced from a vast network of supplier and manufacturer relationships, including Polaris. Polaris Commercial works with United Rentals to provide gas and diesel Pro XD UTVs, gas and now electric-powered Rangers to locations across the U.S. for customers within the construction, utilities, government, landscaping, and grounds maintenance industries. Additionally, Polaris works with United Rentals to provide UTVs that are customized and include essential components that are specific to the needs of a commercial customer. Accessories like beacons, additional mirrors and a horn are desired by rental customers across various industries, while full cabs and heat are appropriate for colder regions. A partner since 2015, Polaris Commercial was recognized by United Rentals as a Top Supplier for 2021.