High Reach Co. Acquires Genisys Software

June 5, 2014

High Reach Co. LLC, also known as HR2, based in Sanford, Fla., has completed the acquisition of the assets of Genisys Software.

“For more than a decade, HR2 has relied on the products, services and hard work of Genisys,” said Lance Renzulli, general manager of HR2. “During that time, our companies have established a valuable business alliance. We have come to appreciate and respect the working relationship created. Genisys has played an integral role in the productivity and efficiency of HR2.”

Helen Lum, chief financial officer for HR2, said the acquisition will solidify Genisys’ position as a provider of software to the rental industry. Genisys has licensed its software to rental locations in 45 states and Canada.

“For the customers of Genisys, its employees and vendors, this acquisition marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter,” Lum said. “Together, we can look forward as a stronger organization, focus our energy and attention on delivering innovative new products, extend core capabilities and provide exceptional customer service that will help our customers generate more service and sales.”

“This acquisition is a game-changer for Genisys,” added Martin Selkregg, IT/Network Administrator for HR2. “It will allow us to keep the entire team in place, including the support and development staff, while accelerating their opportunities to drive organic growth from their existing customer base and new clients. It also provides entry into new markets, with their upcoming SaaS-hosted product line.”

Genisys, which has developed several different web portals to allow for anything from basic website integration to an integrated web store, has two new products currently in development that will be viewed by customers in the coming months, the company said, along with version 8.0 of AlphaRENTAL and updates to the Genisys Mobile product line. AlphaRENTAL is a fully integrated solution for all aspects of rental and sales functions including quotes, reservations, rental contracts, invoicing, inventory utilization, parts, maintenance, management reports, dashboards and financials.

HR2 has already begun the process of integrating the two organizations.

Genisys Software is based in Minneapolis.