WPP Implements Rental Management System to Enhance Rental Generator Program

Dec. 20, 2013

Worldwide Power Products, a power-generation equipment provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, last week announced it has further enhanced its rental generator program with more available models and a custom software platform developed by AssetOptics. The solution integrates WPP’s asset management application with Salesforce CRM, driving a high-performance business process to ensure maximum availability and reliability of WPP’s rental generators. On the equipment side, WPP has added several new, portable HIPOWER generators, which it has mounted on trailers for delivery or direct customer pickup.

"Reliability for portable and backup generators must be 100 percent," said Mike Edwards, founder of AssetOptics. "By fully integrating the quoting, scheduling and equipment maintenance processes into a single solution, we are supporting WPP in delivering on its core mission ― providing cost-effective and reliable power to its customers in a timely manner."

The new rental management solution, which also incorporates a custom rental-billing application, achieves several goals:

  • Equipment schedules have been integrated into the sales quoting process, giving sales personnel real-time insight into equipment availability and increasing the precision of delivery commitments.
  • Rental equipment scheduling now ties in with WPP’s preventive maintenance scheduling solution, so technicians can accelerate maintenance schedules prior to rental delivery, if appropriate, based upon the requested rental length. This approach enhances reliability and performance for customers and avoids any likelihood of equipment failures.
  • Invoicing is restructured and streamlined, enhancing accuracy and information flow for the customer.

With the new solution, WPP can monitor and track its units more closely, from completion of scheduled maintenance calls to ROI analysis by contract period, dollar value and other key performance indicators. The increased operating efficiency enables WPP to provide the most competitive pricing possible while keeping the units running in peak condition.

“We have approximately 400 generators available for rental now, with an 80- to 90-percent rental rate,” said WPP executive vice president Mark Lum. “These new generators ― and our new rental management solution ― will ensure we continue to provide the most reliable, well-maintained equipment in the industry, no matter how large or popular the program becomes.”

Houston-based Worldwide Power Products buys and sells new and used generator sets and engines worldwide. In addition, WPP provides engineering, maintenance and repair plus rental services. Generator sets range in size from 20kW to 3000kW and engines range in size from 150hp to 4,000hp.