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Pink Clark Forklifts a Hit with National Lift Truck Customers

Nov. 26, 2013
National Lift Truck’s pink forklifts are a hit with Chicago Marathon personnel after race sponsor Bank of America rented one of the units recently to prepare for the event.

National Lift Companies, Inc., a forklift sales and rental company headquartered in Franklin Park, Ill., recently acquired six pink Clark Forklifts for its rental fleet — two for each of its three national locations. In addition to the initial donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation at the time of purchase, National Lift paid an estimated 5 percent of its expected rental fees for the year ahead as a contribution to the breast cancer awareness and research organization.

NLT marketing manager Voitek Dworak told RER that the forklifts were a hit at the Chicago Marathon in October. “One of the pink Clark forklifts, that we rented to Bank of America for The Chicago Marathon, together with 15 regular green forklifts servicing the event and other lift equipment, has become an instant hit with Chicago Marathon personnel, who referred to the truck as ‘her,’ ‘she’ and ‘our girl,’” said Dworak. “The pink Clark forklift stood out in the crowd of regular green Clark forklifts and was catching everyone’s attention.”

Dworak added that NLT has just started the rental process for the unique pink forklifts and will be experimenting with different campaigns “to make the fight against breast cancer cause popular among our rental customers.”