Sims Crane Produces Reality Show-Style Video to Showcase Teamwork

Oct. 11, 2013

In a new YouTube video entitled “Heavy Lifting,” Sims Crane & Equipment Co. showcases the camaraderie, teamwork and professionalism of the Sims family of certified crane operators and support staff — the Sims Crane “tribe.”

“The reality shows always have a tribe working on a pretty tough and demanding challenge out in some jungle, desert or mountaintop,” said Sims Crane vice president of marketing, Dean Sims II. “Our men and women meet tougher challenges than that every day on the job, and we wanted to feature the Sims tribe in its element in our newest video.”

In “Heavy Lifting,” a professionally produced video just more than six minutes long, viewers get to know each individual member of the Sims Crane site crew on a typical day as they complete the challenge of erecting a 250-ton crawler crane at the Port of Tampa in Florida.

With the popularity of reality shows today, Sims said the firm wanted to produce a video short that would illustrate the core values of the Sims team and show viewers what a day in the life of a Sims Crane team looks like.

“People see construction sites one day with no crane, and the next day, a crane has magically popped up like a mushroom overnight, and they ask how did that get there?” Sims said. “This video shows how it got there, what our team does and how they do it safely.”

In terms of enhancing visibility for the brand, Sims said the video provides viewers a glimpse of the company’s core values: Safety, professionalism, expertise, experience, client service, personal pride, teamwork, and a family-like approach to the job.

To produce the video, Sims used the services of Tampa, Fla.-based Lightwave Media which is owned and operated by friends he met while they were students at the University of South Florida. For more information about Lightwave Media, visit

To view the “Heavy Lifting” video, go to

Headquartered in Tampa, Fla., Sims Crane & Equipment operates out of 10 regional offices in Florida. It is No. 45 on the RER 100. For more information, visit