Worldwide Power Products Adds Natural Gas Generator Sets to Rental Program

Aug. 28, 2013

Worldwide Power Products, a power-generation equipment provider to industrial and petroleum clients worldwide, this week introduced a rental program for its inventory of high-efficiency used and rebuilt natural gas generator sets, including a number of rebuilt gas compression engines. WPP’s natural gas rental and purchase solutions are designed to offer operators considerable savings over diesel generators, especially if the gas that powers the engine is recaptured well-head gas normally wasted through flaring.

“In the oil and gas industry, companies often perform operations far from the nearest electrical grid,” said WPP vice president of sales and engineering Dave Vennie. “Until now, their primary option for power has been to rent or purchase a diesel generator set. Generating power with a natural gas engine can reduce fuel expenses by 50 percent or more, with the greatest savings being realized by companies that have access to a freely available source of natural gas, such as by-product gas.”

WPP offers rental and lease options for natural gas generators and can also package custom skids for operators, and deliver them to the desired location, then set up the generators and other components.

“Some of these operators will never need permanent power, or they are in areas where it would take months, if not years, for the utility companies to provide power to the area,” said Vennie. “There is a huge demand for cost-saving natural gas generators, and we’re seeing interest in all kilowatt sizes.”

Worldwide Power Products specializes in power generation equipment including new and used engines and generator sets. The Houston-based company buys and sells new and used generator sets and engines; provides engineering, maintenance and repair; offers rental services. For more information, visit