PDQ Rentals Opening Branch in Sun Valley

July 26, 2013

PDQ Rentals is opening a new branch in Sun Valley, Calif., in the San Fernando Valley area of the Los Angeles basin, replacing the company’s La Habra store, which it is shutting down. PDQ, with headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., is opening the new facility, which has a 30,000-square-foot building on a 100,000-square-foot plot, within the next week or two.

PDQ owner Dennis Turner told RER that the move is not a question of moving into a new area, but rather facilitating its continuing business in an area where the company is already active with a large customer base.

“We have a lot of customers in the San Fernando Valley,” Turner said. “The only difference is that now we’ll be closer to them for easier deliveries and service. We’ve always been there but now our trucks get to park there instead of driving back and forth and back and forth. And we have some great working relationships with the other independents in the area.”

Turner said the new facility is about 35 miles from the company’s headquarters, but that the drive there could take anywhere from 50 minutes to two to three hours, depending on traffic conditions in the densely congested L.A. area.

“I’m not going for 50 stores or anything, that’s not our push,” added Turner. “We’re trying to cut back on the miles that we drive and some of that overtime.”

PDQ Rentals is No. 92 on the RER 100.