Used Equipment Values and Rental Rates Rising, Rouse Report Says

July 3, 2013

Orderly liquidation values for used equipment across 14 major rental equipment categories increased 0.8 percent in June compared to April values, according to the Rouse Rental Report from Rouse Asset Services. For the six months ending May 31, average index values rose 1.3 percent.

     May 2013 auction sales of rental and construction equipment increased an average of 3.3 percent compared to April values, the report added. It also reported that March 2013 rental rates increased 0.3 percent relative to February and rose 6.2 percent compared to March 2012 for the rental companies participating in Rouse’s Rental Metrics Benchmark Service.

     The equipment categories that rose the most in used equipment in June were scissorlifts at 2.9 percent; high-reach forklifts at 2.4 percent; and excavators at 2.3 percent. For the six-month period, top increases were posted by articulating boomlifts at 9 percent; scissorlifts at 7.9 percent; skid-steer loaders at 5 percent; high-reach forklifts at 4.8 percent; and telescopic boomlifts at 3.3 percent.

     The report also measures industry-average fleet age by major category. According to the Rouse report, average industry fleet ages are:

  • articulating boomlifts 52.1 months;
  • scissorlifts 56.5 months;
  • telescopic boomlifts 55 months;
  • compaction equipment 42.1 months;
  • dozers 46.7 months;
  • excavators 38 months;
  • forklifts high-reach 53.3 months;
  • loader backhoes 50.5 months;
  • skid-steer loaders 37.6 months;
  • wheel loaders 45.9 months.

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