Tricor Hardware and Rental Holds Open House to Showcase Rental Inventory

June 26, 2013

Tricor Hardware and Rental in Morristown, Ohio, is holding its first annual Open House this Friday, showcasing an array of equipment for sale and rent, to customers ranging from do-it-yourselfers to traditional industrial customers, including those working in the oil and gas plays. The event is designed to highlight the rental portion of Tricor’s business, which it recently launched.

The Morristown facility is the first in the Tricor hardware chain to offer rentals. T.J. Simpson is managing the rental portion of the business.

Tricor’s rental inventory features a wide range of earthmoving equipment, lawn-and-garden items, pumps, air compressors, log splitters, pressure washers, drain-cleaning equipment, paint sprayers, concrete-working items, trenchers, scaffolding and more.