Utility Vehicle Designed For Superior Traction

Bobcat introduces its first 4×4 utility vehicle, featuring an IntelliTrak drive system. The Bobcat 2200 is equipped with automatic locking differentials that engage immediately when a wheel loses traction.

“The IntelliTrak system provides power to all four wheels as needed, preventing one, two or three wheels from spinning without the fourth, so all four wheels must spin together in low traction conditions,” says Brad Claus, utility product manager for Bobcat. “These traction characteristics give the 2200 exceptional climbing ability and off-road performance.”

The IntelliTrak drive system engages and disengages the 4×4 and differential lock automatically, so it requires no extra levers for the simplest operation possible. It also eliminates the need to stop the vehicle so the 2200 can stay in motion when mud or snow is encountered. The 2200 is available with either a 20-hp Honda gas or 20-hp Kubota diesel engine. All-terrain tires are standard, with mud tires also available on both models.

Verified by Brad Claus, utility product manager for Bobcat.
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Vehicle load capacity: 1,200 pounds
Maximum travel speed: 25 mph Loading height: 33 inches

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