Upgrading Rental Center Service With a Signature

Does your rental store staff have difficulty getting and keeping new customers? Perhaps they need more training.

Signature's eQuipment Sales & Service Training is a Web-based interactive training program designed to improve customer service and maximize a rental company's revenue. The 60-minute program features teaching from expert instructors with rental industry experience, audio files and ongoing reinforcement through mystery practice calls, coaching calls and periodic training updates.

“We teach rental staff how to provide exceptional service and we train them the right way to be a sales person on the phone,” says Signature president Barry Himmel.

He says the program teaches rental store staff how to give more than just the price for renting a piece of equipment and it aids in generating repeat business, setting individual rental companies apart from the competition and developing a methodology that converts inquiries into rentals. Customers are also able to go through the program at their own pace.

The program's audio files allow rental store employees to hear customer interaction scenarios as well as a narration of key training points.

As part of the training process, Signature experts will call rental stores acting as a potential customer, referred to by the company as mystery practice calls, to see what level of customer service the rental store delivers. Those calls are tapped and sent to the rental store manager to help educate and train store employees.

Himmel said rental centers can also take advantage of one-on-one role-playing calls with signature coaches to sharpen the skills learned in the training program.
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