Unclog Pipes With Powerful New Tool

The lightweight compact Kinetic Water RAM from General Pipe Cleaners safely, quickly and cleanly clears clogged sinks, toilets and tubs with the power of compressed air.

“The Kinetic Water RAM is the only drain cleaning tool to use compressed air rather than a snake to clear drain lines,” says Marty Silverman, marketing manager. “This means there is less wear on the machine and no snakes to replace. It's much lighter weight than a cable drain cleaner, so it's easier to handle too.”

It's easy to operate. Simply pump the machine to the desired pressure, plug overflows to prevent splash back and firmly position the flexible cone over the drain opening. One snap of the trigger unleashes a burst of compressed air, clearing clogs even through standing water.

The resulting shock wave also bypasses stacks and vents. It directs 98 percent of the force down the line and only 2 percent against pipe walls. The product handles stoppages on the far side of drum traps or series of tight bends. And while it produces up to 160 pounds of pressure, most blockages clear with just 20 to 40 pounds.

The product comes with a flexible cone for 1 ¼- to 4-inch diameter lines, caulking hose and five tapered valves for sealing openings from 1 ¼ through 4 inches. A Schraeder valve for use with an external air compressor when clearing difficult blockages is also provided.

Verified by Marty Silverman, marketing manager.
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Pressure: 160 pounds
Force: 98 percent down the line
Cone: fits on 1 ¼- to 4-inch diameter lines

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