Traffic Safety Equipment


The OMJC signal haul road attachment inserts into the receiver hitch of the OMJC signal pop-up portable traffic signal. This option enables a contractor to add an additional signal to service the trucks and equipment on a haul road that is crossing a main highway. The attachment gives the truck drivers their own signal to follow while crossing busy highways. The main highway is in green rest when there is no truck traffic. When the microwave detector on the haul road attachment picks up an oncoming truck, it stops the traffic on the main highway and services the trucks on the haul road. No flaggers have to be put in harm's way with this all-wireless, all-solar-powered product.
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Solar Technology

Solar Technology's Mega-Flux LED display improves performance over previous models. The Mega-Flux uses a SuperFlux LED with a SolarTech proprietary lens cap. This combination allows the display to have twice the brightness of a 5mm, be less susceptible to mechanical failure, and produce better angularity. Mega-Flux LED display technology is designed to keep equipment out in the field and save money on costly repairs.
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Checkers Industrial Safety Products' Linebacker or Guard Dog modular cable protectors and adjoining Cross-Guard ramps and rails help people safely cross over electrical cables. Gentle slope and slip-resistant ramps provide a safe crossing point for wheelchairs, strollers, carts, and vehicles with small wheels. The cable protectors quickly attach to one or multiple cable protectors and the side rails provide edge protection. The ramps are lightweight and 36 inches wide. No tools are required for setup, and the ramps can be installed by one person. The product does not prevent accessibility to cables and cords.

Gehrie Aten, president of Bill Hames Shows, Inc., says that the ramps are one of the greatest improvements to hit the midway in years. “[The ramps have] greatly improved safety and accessibility of our carnival midway.”
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Superior Signals

Superior Signals, a manufacturer of vehicle safety lighting and traffic control products, introduces the new 4000 Series Safe-T-Alert backup alarm. The STA40802 Series operates from 12 to 24 VDC, has a decibel rating of 112dB and is polarity and spike protected. The Safe-T-Alert alarms can be steam-cleaned and will operate in rugged environments.
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Allmand Bros.' MB 6220, MB 6120 and MB 5220 message boards offer clear, easy-to-view messages and a compact, portable design. Mounted on a standard 48-inch by 96-inch panel, the Allmand message boards offer a fully modular Brick sign system to accommodate a variety of sign configurations. Each 19- by 14-inch Brick features 96 pixels with four LEDs per pixel to ensure a clear message. The message boards offer multiple brick configurations to meet the needs of virtually any application. A handheld terminal allows operators to create text messages from up to 20 feet away. Each message board is accompanied by Windows-based BaseStation software, which offers a library of pre-programmed messages.
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