Traction Key In New Crawler Dozer

The new John Deere 700H extra long track crawler dozer provides increased traction, which is the key benefit of this machine.

“The 700H extra long track dozer is built for grading finesse, with an exceptional amount of track on the ground,” says Brett Errthum, business analysis manager, John Deere Worldwide Construction and Forestry Division. “The result is increased traction, which means less track spin and greater productivity.”

Operating costs are lowered because the dozer can push heavier loads with less spin and less wear on the tracks than other dozers. Narrower 22-inch pads also contribute to the life of the tracks, while the XLT has the same length of track on the ground as the low ground pressure model.

The machine uses the same C-frame as the John Deere 700H LGP dozer, maintaining sufficient visibility to the dozer blade. It features the same 120-inch blades as the LT. The blade pitch is easily adjustable, providing efficient cutting and rolling action and blade shedding action for the application. The dozer also features a hydrostatic transmission that delivers many productivity advantages such as full power turns, dynamic braking, shift-free operation, infinite speed selection, power management system and counter rotation.
Circle 142 on reply card.


Engine: John Deere PowerTech 6068T
Hp: 115
Rpm: 2,100

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