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Stay up to speed with new rental industry technologies and innovations.

Tri-lingual Instructions on DVD

General Pipe Cleaners now includes an instructional DVD with English, Spanish and French narration with all of its drain-cleaning machines for the rental industry. The instructional DVDs not only help the user determine the right tool for the job, but also demonstrate the correct operation of the tool and explain the safety procedures and precautions. The rental store or the customer can choose which language they want to hear before listening to the machine instruction. General Pipe Cleaners manufactures a full line of drain-cleaning equipment for 1¼-inch to 10-inch lines and specifically designed for the rental industry.

Tool School

The Home Depot features a page on its website, located at, dedicated to providing in-depth how-to information for contractors and do-it-yourselfers on various applications. These projects range from sanding a floor to aerating a lawn, and from texturizing a ceiling to tiling a floor. At Home Depot's Tool School online, visitors choose which project they wish to learn about and then can follow the step-by-step instructions. Tools needed to complete the project are listed on the site and can be rented at The Home Depot Tool Rental. Step-by-step photos are included with each project and help the user determine which pieces of equipment he or she will need to rent to complete the project.

Online Parts Purchasing

Milwaukee-based ARI Solutions is a provider of technology-enabled business solutions designed to help equipment dealers, distributors and manufacturers build sales and profits. ARI's PartSmart Web electronic parts catalog lookup enables customers to view parts and order them online. PartSmart Cart is an option a company can elect to have with PartSmart Web. It lets customers order parts from a dealer via the web, 24/7. With this option enabled, customers can use any of the PartSmart viewers to look up parts, or find products they wish to buy on a dealer's web pages, and then they click an “add to cart” link. When customers are ready to check out, the cart gathers the appropriate shipping and billing data. The cart provides a screen for viewing and downloading orders manually. Another option is to have the cart place orders on its server, where they can be downloaded with a secure FTP site.

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