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Small Soil Compactor With Big Compactor Features

The new roller, the SV201TB, is capable of developing 400 pounds per inch of total applied force over its 54-inch wide padfoot drum. This compaction capability, combined with numerous other value features, enables rapid compaction of cohesive silts and clays on slopes up to 45 percent and over any materials compromised by moist conditions.

In addition, the SV201TB is a padfoot compactor, which speeds compaction of fine materials while aiding traction over any terrain or material condition. Drive at the drum, as well as the wheels, adds to its rough terrain and slope capabilities. Center-point articulated steering enables the machine to maneuver up close to foundations, walls, footings and pipe placements. A strike-off blade provides trench backfilling and rough grading without the need for additional equipment or labor. The machine is designed for utility work or trench backfill and compaction.

“The SV201TB is unique in that it offers a combination of features not available elsewhere,” says Dick Draper, Sakai Vice President and General Manager. “Included in these features is the strike-off blade that enables the contractor to backfill a trench or rough grade without the need to bring in another piece of equipment and operator.”

Powered by a fuel-efficient 60-hp Cummins, liquid-cooled diesel engine, the SV201TB is able to achieve compaction quickly and easily on smaller jobs regardless of jobsite terrain or conditions. Other reliability features include the same heavy-duty oscillation/articulation joint design as that of the larger SV400 and SV510 Series.
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Verified by George Smith, Advantage Marketing Communications president.


Engine: 60 hp
Applied Force: 400 pounds per inch
Padfoot drum width: 54 inches

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