Drain Cleaning Machine

The Model R drain cleaning machine from Electric Eel features a newly designed, heavy-duty frame constructed of 1 1/4-inch steel tubing. The unit is designed to clean 3- to 6-inch diameter lines up to 100 feet with the unique Tri-Max inner core cable, available in 5/8- and 3/4-inch diameters. It is powered by a 1/3-horsepower capacitor Baldor motor and utilizes easy snap-lock tool connectors.
RS # 148
Booth # 3836


Ingersoll Equipment Co. introduces its 7020 LBH compact four-wheel-drive tractor. Engineered as an integral part of the tractor and frame, the loader has a heavy-duty lift arm with a reinforced bucket for maximum strength and single lever control operation. Lift capacity of the bucket is 750 pounds at full height, and the backhoe is coupled to the tractor via mounting arms that are connected to a counter weight. It offers a 92-inch digging depth with joystick controls and a selection of buckets from 8 to 24 inches.
RS # 151
Booth # 1364

Plate Line

Wacker introduces a value vibratory plate line. The VP line of small single direction plates offers basic Wacker features promoting quality and performance at a value price. This new plate line consists of 13 asphalt and soil models in four sizes with different engine options. All plates feature a special, open design, ductile iron baseplate that is self-cleaning for fast effective results.
RS # 149
Booth # 3124

Telescopic Boom Lifts

The new 800 Series telescopic boom lifts from JLG feature a boom design that allows for a narrow machine width and low gross vehicle weight. The Models 800S and 860SJ are both housed on a fixed 8-foot, 2-inch wide frame. The 800S is a standard telescoping boom lift with an 80-foot platform height, and the 800SJ has a 6-foot articulating jib with an 86-foot platform height. The boom lifts have a total lift cycle from the ground to 80 feet and a return of less than 130 seconds.
RS # 150
Booth # 120

Heavy Load Roller

A new, three-point heavy load moving system by Hilman Rollers features a low profile design that enables a rental customer with limited moving experience to move heavy, cumbersome equipment over concrete, hardwood, tile, marble and other finished and unfinished floor surfaces. Computer engineered with a single, steerable front swivel unit and dual rear dolly units covered with anti-slip neoprene pads, plus a padded, ergonomic handle, the tri-glide provides a three-point platform designed for safe operation in open or tight spaces and around corners while accommodating wide loads.
RS # 152
Booth # 2532

Trailer-Mounted Lift

With its unique 24-volt battery-powered system, the new self-propelled Dino 125T trailer-mounted boom lift from Specialty Equipment can be operated any place where overhead access is needed. It features a 41-foot working height, 24-foot, 7-inch outreach and 474-pound platform capacity. The product has a powerful hydraulic drive system for traversing jobsites at up to 25 percent gradeability. Because it weighs just 3,200 pounds, it can be towed by SUVs or small pickups.
RS # 153
Booth # 754


The 25-horsepower FH721D from Kawasaki has easy, reliable starting as well as low noise, vibration and emissions. Standard features include cast-iron cylinders, full pressurized lubrication system, top-access oil fill and dipstick and spin-on type oil filter, low tone muffler and pulse-type fuel pump and in-line fuel filter. The engine has twin-barrel carburetor with fuel shut-off solenoid, 12 volt Bendix starter, 13 amp charging system and separated choke and throttle.
RS # 156
Booth # 2454

Water Wagon

Wylie Mfg. expands its Water Wagon line with the 500-gallon Express model, designed for dust abatement, building site compaction, landscape watering and grass firefighting for contractors, builders and rental companies. It features a spray bar that covers an 11-foot swath for watering roadways and construction areas. The product is equipped with surge or electric brakes, nonskid walkway fenders and lights. Other standard features include tandem spring axles, highway tires, deluxe wheels and a height adjustable ball hitch.
RS # 154
Booth # 1657

Earth Drill

Little Beaver unveils its Hyd-tb11h at the ARA show in New Orleans this month. This towable unit features an 11-horsepower Honda engine, two-position flip handle for drilling against a wall, in tank filter, tank site gauge, forward and reverse motion and accepts 36- or 42-inch augers up to 16 inches in diameter. A heavy-duty tow bar is included that attaches to the frame for safe towing.
RS # 157
Booth # 3636


Perfect for wire-feed/stick welding applications, MQ Power's new DAW-500S delivers up to 500 amps of DC welding power for the largest jobs while maintaining its position as the smallest, most portable welder in its class. For operating tools and lights, the unit provides 3,000 watts of continuous 120 AC power. And with simultaneous operation of the welder and generator, two or more operators may use the same machine. In addition, easy parallel hookups mean two machines can be used together for twice the DC welding power.
RS # 155
Booth # 1904

Electric Micro-Boom

UpRight introduces the low gross vehicle weight version of the company's 44-foot working height AB38 compact electric articulated boom. This lighter boom offers even lower ground bearing pressures than the already class-leading AB38N. The low weight suits a wider range of applications on upper building levels, sensitive floors and provides extra scope to transport in freight elevators. The new model retains all the reach and maneuverability of the standard AB38 including a tight 1.31-foot inside turning radius and 36-percent gradability.
www.upright.com44 1691 659646
RS # 158
Booth # 132

Scaling Hammers

Floor/deck scalers and hand held scaling hammers from Trelawny are ideal for concrete surface preparation. Scaling hammers are offered in both regular and heavy-duty versions with special threaded tips and pistons for fracturing thick and tough to remove materials. Hammers are available with one or three replaceable scaling heads and three sizes of cutter heads are offered to match material removal requirements. Nylon brush seals clean pistons on each stroke to extend tool life.
RS # 160
Booth # 3349


The Godwin Dri-Prime — an automatic self-priming centrifugal pump set available in sizes from 2 to 16 inches — has been proven in sewer bypass jobs as well as many types of dewatering applications. With maximum flows to 6,000 gpm, heads to 500 feet and solids handling to 3.75 inches in diameter, the pump is capable of handling sewage, storm water, industrial sludges, oil and other pumping needs.
RS # 161
Booth # 3052

Ground Heater

The AC1100 from Ground Heaters enables contractors to prepare building sites and pour concrete, indoors and out, all winter long. Able to thaw up to 1,650 square feet of frozen ground at a rate of 1 foot per day, the heater can also heat up to 2,200 square feet of ground to prepare for concrete placement, to prevent frost penetration or to ensure proper concrete curing. Equipped with 1,100 feet of transfer hose, the unit's 126,000 BTU/hr hydronic heater brings the propylene glycol heat transfer fluid up to 180 F. A positive displacement pump circulates the fluid through the hoses, which conducts dry, radiant heat directly into the ground, concrete or work space.
RS # 162
Booth # 926


Users will no longer strain their backs lifting a heavy wall with Advanced Building Products' Mighty Man Wall lift — a new, patented tool for homebuilders and framing contractors. Designed to simplify and expedite the framing process, the tool lifts stick-built or pre-fab walls into the upright position in less than a minute. It will shut off automatically when the wall reaches the upright position. The tool lifts up to 40-foot walls and uses a standard 110-volt power source.
RS # 159
Booth # 1961

Compact Excavator

The KX121-3 compact excavator from Kubota is equipped with Kubota's four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, overhead valve, 42-horsepower E-TVCS diesel engine. A bucket and quick-coupler can be used for a bucket breakout force in excess of 8,700 pounds. It has an advanced load sensing hydraulic system that delivers just the right amount of oil to each cylinder, so there is no wasteful power loss. This feature reduces fuel consumption by up to 20 percent and keeps oil temperatures at a constant level.
RS # 163
Booth # 1330

Skid Steer

The John Deere 280 skid steer emerges on the worksite as largest of the 200 Series that now includes the 240, 250, 260, 270 and the 280. Equipped with a John Deere 4045T turbo-charged engine, the 280 has 90 gross horsepower. With a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds and 11,600 pounds of bucket breakout force, the skid steer has a servo-controlled, hydrostatic four-wheel drive transmission and an optional two-speed transmission available for increased productivity and transport speeds. It has a dump height of 127 inches and the boom cylinders are cushioned to ensure smooth machine operation.
RS # 164
Booth # 322

Rental Management Software

The rental management software from Point of Rental Systems has been designed and tested by rental storeowners. It has a Microsoft 200 server operating system and powerful customer, item and contract history features. The software can store an image of the customer's driver license. Multi-store, multi-user and single user versions are available.
RS # 165
Booth # 2823

Drywall Lift

Bil-Jax introduces the new DL 125 drywall lift, which features a 12-foot, 6-inch lifting height. It features heavy-duty dual cables for additional cable lift, 30-inch outriggers, which collapse to an 8-inch radius for convenient storage, and an automatic brake. The casters stay in contact with the ground at all times so even when the outriggers are collapsed the lift is easy to maneuver. The three-leg design allows for use closer to walls and holds 4- by 12-foot sheets of drywall.
RS # 166
Booth # 3629, 3630, 3728, 5002


Lincoln announces its Ranger 8 is now available with a new engine choice — the Honda OHV. The Honda GX620 gasoline engine features 20-horsepower twin cylinder overhead valves at 3,600 rpm for plenty of power. In addition, this new air-cooled engine provides 100 hours of operation before the oil needs to be changed and 200 operating hours prior to an oil filter change. The new engine offers automatic engine shutdown protection for low oil pressure and circuit breaker protection of the battery/ignition system. 216/481-8100
RS # 167
Booth # 2622

Tile Saws

Diamond Products introduces three new core cut tile saws: CC400T, CC600T and CC900TE. The 400T has a 4 1/2-inch blade capacity, 1/4 horsepower carbon brush motor and electrical double insulation protection. The 600T has a 7-inch blade capacity, 3/4 horsepower high torque motor, rip cut up to 17 inches, diagonal cut to 12 inches and weighs 43 pounds. The 900TE has a 10-inch blade capacity, 1 1/2-horsepower high torque motor, rip cut to 20 inches and diagonal cut to 14 inches. 440/323-4616
RS # 168
Booth # 2762

Roller Screed

Terramite adds the Solo Screed to its roller screed division. This version is a single roller screed that contractors find ideal for parking lots, driveways, streets and sidewalks. The machine paves up to 16-foot widths and runs on a 4-horsepower Honda engine. It is self contained and all mechanical, making the screed simple to operate and efficient.
RS # 170
Booth # 1928


Terex announces its new TX760 loader backhoe that features a high lift capacity, unrestricted cab visibility, wide stabilizer spread and hydraulic system that improves operator control and reduces maintenance costs. It has a lift capacity to full height of 7,600 pounds, a breakout force of 10,485 pounds and precise digging from 14 feet, 8 inches to 19 feet, 6 inches. The 11-foot, 3-inch stabilizer legs provide support for craning material. A unique hydraulic system, running a closed center control valve in conjunction with a standard gear type hydraulic pump, reduces maintenance costs because standard gears have less expensive upkeep than piston pumps.
RS # 169
Booth # 1604

Skid Steers

The Case XT family of skid steers features three new models — the 40XT, 60XT and 70XT — plus an enhanced series of the popular 75XT, 85XT, 90XT and 95XT. Building on the durable unitized chassis, the XT line ranges from 60 to 85 horsepower with lift capacities from 1,500 pounds to 3,650 pounds with counterweight. More than 75 attachments are available for XT skid steers including augers, brooms, backhoes, stump grinders, landscape rakes, rockwheels, tree shears, scarifiers, snowblowers, bale spikes, forks, buckets and more. An optional hydraulic attachment quick coupler on all XT models makes it possible to drop and switch buckets directly from the operator's compartment.
RS # 171

PTO Trencher

The Barreto Model 35-45 PTO trencher is a hydraulic trenching attachment that mounts directly to a hydrostatic 4-wheel drive tractor. It trenches to a depth of 3 to 5 feet and has a horsepower range of 35-45. The unit features a hydraulic PTO pump that powers the trencher's independent hydraulic system. The trencher uses a hydraulic motor mounted directly to the head-shaft, eliminating the need for belts, pulleys, gearboxes, chains and slip clutches while significantly reducing maintenance costs.
RS # 172
Booth # 3924

Pressure Washer

The vertical hot-water gas line of pressure washers from Landa consists of nine stationary models, which range from 3.5 to 4.8 gpm in volume and 2,000 to 3,000 psi of pressure. All models fit within a footprint of 24 inches wide by 53 inches long and stand 49 inches tall. The line also features an industrial-grade electric motor coupled by an extra-strong, dual-belt pulley to a tri-plunger General pump as well as Landa's high-efficiency vertical burner with Robertshaw Millivolt ignition and standing pilot light. The heat is retained in heating coils made of leak-free, cold-rolled, 1/2-inch, Schedule 80 steel pipe.
RS # 173
Booth # 2708

Rotary Lasers

DeWalt's new DW073 and DW071 manually leveled cordless rotary lasers feature a protected head and dual laser diodes for a brighter beam and long range leveling up to 600 feet. The DW073 runs off standard DeWalt battery packs from 9.6 through 18 volts, while the DW071 uses 3 D alkaline batteries. A built-in mounting system works as floor mount, rack-and-pinion wall mount or with a tripod. A bump sensor detects if the tool is accidentally moved off level. 800/433-9258
RS # 175
Booth # 3736


Alto's Clarke Technology has streamlined the operation of the Mini-Max compact rider scrubber to combine the productivity of three machines into one offering a choice of a 26-inch or 30-inch rotary scrub brush or a 28-inch cylindrical brush. The cylindrical brush is particularly appropriate for cleaning grouted or multi-surface flooring. Features include six 250-amp batteries and 36-volt charger, 30-gallon solution and recovery tanks, simple operator controls and modular serviceability.
RS # 174
Booth # 4002

Credit Card Software

Solutions by Computer's e/pay credit card software offers SBC system users significant savings over other processing programs because it's designed for rental operations. The program attacks high processing costs on several fronts by offering low base percentage rates and eliminating most of the penalty fees that retail systems apply to rentals. It also qualifies for the same low rate whether a card is physically swiped or not, making it practical for rental operations that conduct business by phone. The software platform supports Level 2 and 3 data and accommodates debit cards, which are considerably less expensive to process than credit cards.
RS # 176
Booth # 2602

Transporting Rack

Ground Hog offers an accessory for its T-4 trencher that allows it to be transported on the back of any vehicle equipped with a standard tow hitch receiver. The trencher rack attaches to the vehicle much like a bicycle rack would and is designed for one person to load and unload the trencher. This accessory also allows the trencher to be securely locked to the vehicle.
RS # 177
Booth # 3936


MBW adds the R420 Series to its Ground Pounder Division of dependable economic rammers. The R420 is ideal for cohesive and mixed soils with a compaction force up to 3,000 pounds and a percussion rate up to 750 blows per minute. It is powered by a 2.4-horsepower Robin 4-cycle engine that is protected by a standard roll cage and is engineered with a 10- by 11-inch tamping shoe to fit narrow spaces such as gas line or water main repairs. An elevated bellows reduces wear and tear during trench work and ultimately, downtime and expense. The lighter weight makes this rammer easy to maneuver and highly portable, thus practical for rental.
RS # 178
Booth # 2742

Wedding Arbors

Wedding Arbors has an original product line of arbors, Chuppahs, backdrops and accessories. The company's patent-pending designs allow each product to be easily transported and assembled without tools. The company, with its furniture-quality product line, has been featured at a variety of venues and events.
RS # 179
Booth # 4775

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airlessco's LP Series of airless paint sprayers are compact and long lasting for homeowner and contractor paint applications. The sprayers feature industrial grade, totally enclosed motors for safety and longevity and LCD digital pressure readout to set the perfect application pressure. The company's patented, stainless steel, slow stroking pumps packings are designed for long life in heavy-duty rental usage.
RS # 180
Booth # 2402

Earth Drilling Attachment

Designed for use with skid steer loaders, small excavators, knuckleboom cranes and small backhoes, the 671 Dig-R-Tach Series 16 earth-drilling attachment from General Equipment is intended for smaller hydraulic systems, whereas the Series 24 is designed for larger hydraulic systems. Featuring a 2-speed chain/sprocket drive and a 5 to 20 gpm hydraulic flow range, the series balances smaller flow volumes in proportion to auger diameters. The result is a cleaner hole with less loose soil and debris. The series uses a drilling industry standard 2-inch hexagon auger drive system.
RS # 181
Booth # 3414


Windsor introduces a solution to cleaning small areas with the Saber Compact 17-inch walk-behind floor scrubber. The design of this small scrubber simplifies cleaning in confined and hard to reach areas.
RS # 182
Booth # 4056

Mini Skid Steer Loader

The Kanga Kid from Kanga Loaders is an affordable, light commercial and home owner machine with a range of attachments for outdoor and in some instances indoor jobs. The product takes the physical stress out of posthole digging, rotor tilling, planting shrubs, sprinkler trenching, carrying, digging and leveling. With a 13-horsepower gas engine and a range of attachments, it is designed for homehandymen, home gardener/landscapers or hobby farmers.
RS # 183
Booth # 1351

Plate Compactor

With hydraulic travel and vibration control, high compactive performance and a low center of gravity and operating height, the BPH80/65S remote-operated reversible plate compactor from Bomag delivers optimum results on both granular and mixed soil compaction applications such as construction backfill and trenches. The hydraulic travel and vibration control system provides responsive steering capabilities controlled through a standard umbilical remote, allowing the operator to remain safely out of the trench. The 1,620-pound unit provides 18,000 pounds of centrifugal force at 3,000 vibrations per minute and reaches working speeds up to 91.9 feet per minute. Standard wear strips increase operating width from 25.6 to 31.5 inches.
RS # 184
Booth # 2302

Compact Loaders

The Gehl Avantage compact loaders are designed with big loader features in a choice of two compact, maneuverable packages. Choose from a skid-steer model or an articulated-steering model with operating load rating up to 700 pounds. As narrow as 33 ½ inches, the compact loaders are most suitable for light construction, landscaping, lawn and turf maintenance and select agricultural applications. Featuring full time 4-wheel drive, both the skid steer and the articulated steering units are available with 20-horsepower diesel engines.
RS # 185
Booth # 848

Compact Utility Loader

Featuring increased horsepower, enhanced ground to track contact for maximum ground engaging power and low ground pressure, the new Toro Dingo TX 425 wide track is designed to handle a variety of landscapes and difficult-to-navigate terrain. Designed for applications such as tree planting, material hauling, deck construction, demolition, fence installation and irrigation system installation, the system enables contractors and do-it-yourselfers to complete work more productively and profitably. Powered by a 25-horsepower, air-cooled Kohler Command Pro Series engine, the unit offers more than 35 quick-change attachments including auger, trencher, vibratory plow, hydraulic breaker, backhoe, leveler, tiller, cultivator, hydraulic blade, adjustable forks, tree forks, 2-stage snow thrower, rotary broom, buckets and more. A four-pump, independent hydraulic system allows the operator to direct power where and when it is needed.
RS # 186
Booth # 1520


Sullair announces the availability of its portable compressor, the 185 cfm, which meets the rental industry's need for a more compact, more accessible and more reliable machine. Featuring a distinctive new wedge-shape design, the compressor offers a 5-year or 10,000-hour warranty when operated on Sullair's long-life, all-weather, all-climate AFW compressor fluid and filters. Available with either a Caterpillar or John Deere engine, the compressor delivers 185 cfm of air at 150 psig. Key design features include a multi-piece frame and canopy, high impact-resistant outboard fenders, 55-inch track width, an E-Z lube axle and a large tool compartment.
RS # 189
Booth # 3510

Pressure Washers

Dynablast launches its line of Endura pressure washers at the 2002 ARA Show. The company launches 3 hot and 6 cold pressure washers. The KEH3500GF model is a hot water pressure washer with 3.8 gpm at 3,500 psi and runs on a gasoline-powered Honda 13-horsepower OHV engine with an oil-fired burner.
RS # 187
Booth # 3246

Mini Excavator

Yanmar's new Vio 27 mini excavator features zero tail swing and left and right boom swing, which allows the unit to operate close in and track adjacent to walls. The quick coupler system is standard and allows the operator to change buckets quickly without leaving the platform, a feature usually reserved for much larger machines. Extra spacious arm and knee room are designed to enhance productivity. Large dozing blades, coupled with Yanmar's Victas offset track design, combine to provide stability without increasing track width.
RS # 188
Booth # 1448


Edco's 7-inch gasoline powered grinder has a two-position handle that allows the operator to control the amount of grinding pressure whether grinding high spots in small areas, grinding curbs and gutters, doing edge work or removing traffic markings. It comes standard with a vacuum port to allow for dust-free work.
RS # 190
Booth # 2836

Aerial Work Platform

The ECS-50 combination aerial work platform and crane from Elliott Equipment features a 16-foot long platform. It offers the ability to wrap around corners or work on two sides of a structure. The high capacity of the platform and the available material-handling feature allow it to bring tools and materials close to the work area. Other features include a 55-foot working height, 52-foot side reach, 32-square-foot platform with a 900-pound capacity, 9,000-pound crane capacity and a 500-pound capacity platform jib crane available.
RS # 191
Booth # 438

Brush Chipper

Powered by a 122-horsepower Caterpillar engine, the BC1400 from Vermeer comes standard with the patent-pending SmartFeed system. An all-new feed roller controller bar and integrated bottom feed stop bar are also standard. The hinged lockable hood closure is made of rigid thermal plastic, offering enhanced appearance and easy access to most of the major components including the engine, a 45-gallon molded plastic fuel tank, air cleaner, battery, oil dipstick and SmartFeed controller.
RS # 194
Booth # 736

Air Compressor

Atlas Copco introduces the XAS96JD 185 CFM air compressor. It provides a new generation air end driven by a John Deere diesel engine. Gull-wing doors allow easy access to perform routine maintenance; computer-generated rotor profiles optimize airflow; thumb screws have been used on the access panel to the cooler for easy serviceability; and the monocoque frame assembly and torsion style suspension ensure a sturdy machine. The compressor has been designed to be compact, with a 52-inch track width for easy maneuverability.
RS # 192
Booth # 2036


Mounted on a sturdy frame with pneumatic tires for easy portability, the X Air SC70 compressor from Con X Equipment comes equipped with a screw end, which is guaranteed for two years. Powered by an 18-horsepower Honda engine with automatic speed control and manual and electric start, the unit has a detachable 5.3-gallon gas tank and weighs 298 pounds. It delivers 70 cfm at 100 psi.
RS # 193
Booth # 3549

Scissor Lift

With a 26-foot platform height, a platform width of 32 inches and a 90-degree turning radius, the GS-2632 from Genie meets the demands of users who have had to use less productive methods to access a work area. The lift offers a number of safety features, including a dual axis tilt-level sensor that provides maximum utility and an audible alarm system that warns operators of unsafe conditions. The introduction of this scissor lift allows the factory manager or facilities maintenance supervisor to reach those hard-to-reach spots.
RS # 195
Booth # 620


Kaeser Compressors releases the M52 portable rotary screw compressor. This unit delivers up to 185 cfm at 100 psig and is also available in pressures to 190 psig. Standard features include the power-saving Sigma Profile airend that provides more air per fuel consumption, a heavy-duty John Deere diesel engine as well as an instrument and lighting package. A high capacity, cold-start battery ensures reliable operation even in severe working conditions.
RS # 196
Booth # 3857

Diamond Cup Wheel

The Diamond Cup Wheel from Hilti has a new hole geometry for better air flow, resulting in better dust containment when used with a dust collection system. The product is available in a single row, double row and turbo style to meet most grinding applications. The wheel features an integrated 5/8-inch 11 threaded arbor for fast and simple wheel changes.
RS # 198
Booth # 2844


Bandit's 14-inch capacity Model 254 hand-fed Brush Bandit chipper is now available with an optional backhoe style loader to ease the task of feeding larger diameter materials and piles of brush. The loader offers an 85-degree swing with a 70-degree swing toward the curb and a 15-degree swing away from the curb. The boom has an 11-foot reach with a lifting capacity of approximately 500 pounds at full reach. A 270-degree swivel rotation grapple comes standard with a 360-degree continuous rotation grapple offered as an option.
RS # 197
Booth # 4020

Wheel Loaders

Komatsu Utility Corp. introduces an advanced design low tops version of the existent wheel loaders for easier transporting. The WA 30 and WA 50 deliver wheel loader performance features and the versatility of a skid steer loader. The low effort single pedal enables the travel speed and dynamic breaking to be controlled quickly and efficiently. After dumping, the loaders feature a return-to-dig function that improves cycle times.
RS # 199
Booth # 1642

Wash Pad

Pressure Island's newly designed Big Island is an above ground drive-on wash pad that cleans large parts as well as vehicles. With a load capacity of 15 tons the systems are capable of cleaning most industrial and commercial equipment. The systems are designed for use with existing pressure washers and they offer non-skid surfaces, walls to contain splash back, high capacity dirt handling, exclusive continuous flow, wash down of work area and full range of oil removal and particulate filtration for most applications. Units are also portable and afford flexibility in relocating the wash station.
RS # 200
Booth # 3534

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