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Inspection System

New from Electric Eel is the Eel cam, 7LCD fast peek pipeline inspection system. The fully portable, self-contained video inspection system features a 7-inch LCD monitor located on the unit's handle for quick viewing at a variety of angles. The color camera measures 1.5 inches in diameter and also includes an on-screen counter, microphone, reel brake and an adjustable sun shield. The AC/DC power source is mounted on the side of the 300-foot capacity cable reel and includes all camera functions such as a camera test port, AC/DC input and video/audio input-output ports.
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Concrete Mixers

Stone Construction Equipment concrete mixers are available in 2-, 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 9-, 10- and 12-cubic-foot mixing capacities. Available in standard side and end-dump versions, the mixers provide engine options such as Briggs & Stratton, Honda and Robin. Also available in the 9-cubic-foot size is a polyethylene drum option. Stone carries an unconditional lifetime warranty on its patented drum bearings and seals as well as a 2-year drum warranty.
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Coupler Attachment

JRB's Smart-Loc attachment reduces downtime between changeovers, increasing productivity and leading to a quicker return on investment. The product's construction is built for easy on-site maintenance, and its lightweight low profile design leads to maximum breakout and retention of machine operating capacities. Built-in safety features include a fully redundant secondary lock that does not require the operator to leave the cab to activate, a secondary lock that is visible from the cab and the availability of additional optional lock indicators.
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Light in operating weight but heavy-duty in design, the new R420 Rammer from MBW can be used in a variety of applications. It is designed for cohesive and mixed soils with a compaction force up to 3,000 pounds and a percussion rate up to 750 blows per minute. The product is powered by a 2.4-horsepower Robin 4-cycle engine that is protected by a standard roll cage and is engineered with a 10- by 11-inch tamping shoe to fit narrow spaces, like gas line or water main repairs. An elevated bellows reduces wear and tear during trench work and ultimately downtime and expense.
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Vacuum Attachment

Metabo Corp. introduces the Dust Director guard for dust-free tuck pointing with diamond blades. It allows for the attachment of a vacuum to angle grinders without inhibiting the tool's normal cutting action. The attachment swivels on these angle grinders, permitting workers to cut how they are accustomed. It fits all 4 1/2-, 5- and 6-inch grinders except WP series and accepts 4-, 4 1/2-, 5- and 6-inch diameter diamond blades.
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Floor Sander/Polisher

With Clarke American Sander Technology's OBS-18/OBS-18dc sander/polishers, users save from investing in both a floor sander and a floor polisher. This piece of equipment can handle both hardwood and tile or terrazzo floor surfaces. Powered by a 1 hp dual capacitor motor, the products deliver 3,450 vibration free orbits per minute. An enclosed fan-cooled motor eliminates cleaning and overheating.
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Designed to reduce the noise level, Tramac's Metro-Silenced or Super Metro-Silenced breakers have enclosed housing and soundproofing material that absorbs the noise. The complete cycle of a Tramac piston is accomplished hydraulically — no gas assistance needed. A narrow profile allows better visibility for the operator. A tall piston transmits powerful and sustained shock waves into material for greater productivity.
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Pallet Truck

The PT-55 5,500-pound capacity manual pallet truck from Blue Giant features ergonomic design that reduces operator fatigue and downtime. The forks are reinforced for added strength with tapered ends for easy pallet entry. The hydraulic pump is leak proof with overload capacity and features a hard chrome-plated lift cylinder and piston, quality polyurethane seals and wipers and an easy to remove cartridge design.
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Scissor Lift

Pinguely-Haulotte offers its compact 10DX scissor lift that measures 33 feet, 8 inches in height. It travels easily over all surfaces because of the standard four-wheel drive and the hydraulic differential lock ensures optimum traction. Able to climb up a 40 percent slope, the lift is allied with fully proportional controls and has a tight turning radius of 11 feet, 5 inches. The product comes with a platform load limiter, an emergency lowering system, a 3-degree tilt alarm and hydraulic brakes.
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The Guardian Alert Model 1700 from Superior Signals features a microwave radar sensor and a dual alarm system that alerts drivers audibly with an interior indicator that produces a sound level of 95 decibels and visually with three LED lights. The sensor, which rests in an environmentally sealed housing, mounts to the rear center of the vehicle and is wired to the vehicle's existing reverse light system. The audible and visual alarm, which mounts in the driver's compartment, plugs into the sensor wire. The detection range extends approximately 8 feet across the width of the vehicle and approximately 36 inches up and an additional 36 inches down from the center of the sensor mount totaling 6 feet.
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Ridge Tool Co. introduces a new line of wrenches designed for hard-to-maneuver areas. The Ridgid aluminum end wrench features an angled handle for better leverage when turning pipe in tight quarters. Constructed of aluminum, the wrenches are 40 percent lighter than iron wrenches of the same size. The tools are available in 10-, 14-, 18- and 24-inch sizes for pipe capacities of 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2 and 3 inches.
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Foam Grip Wrap

Gripworks introduces its new line of foam grip wraps, providing cushion grips to tools, brooms, pallet jacks, knobs and handles. The foam wrap is made of Durablend rubber that resists tearing or cracking. With a textured, non-slip surface, the foam wrap offers cushion and ergonomic appeal. The 1/8-inch thick Durablend foam resists sunlight, water and extreme temperatures.
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John Deere's 250D, 300D, 350D and 400D articulated dump trucks increase productivity through numerous design improvements that deliver a higher horsepower to weight ratio. Other enhancements increase operator comfort and fuel efficiency while lowering maintenance cost. Cab comforts include a fully adjustable sprung air suspension seat, fully sound insulated cab, a powerful high capacity air conditioner, heater/defroster with eyeball ducts for clear glass and operator comfort and a fully adjustable seat belt.
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The Hawkbill knife from Marshalltown is designed for cutting ceiling tile, drywall, vinyl linoleum, carpet, roofing and insulation. It features a high carbon steel blade, with a resilient DuraSoft handle that provides a soft feel, reduces fatigue and offers durability, according to the manufacturer.
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Vacuum Excavation System

The FX30 500-gallon vacuum excavation system from Ditch Witch has been developed to meet the needs of the municipality and rental markets. The system has a water pump with an auto-clutching feature that disengages the pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power to the blower. A fully enclosed and insulated power pack makes for quiet operation. The controls are located in one lockable, lighted, curbside operator station for convenience.
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QuickCheck System

Cummins Inc. unveils the new QuickCheck II system for Palm or HandEra handheld devices, designed to easily read and capture engine, transmission and brake system information from electronic diesel engines. It now covers all diesel engine broadcasts including SAE J1939 and J1587 data quickly and conveniently. The product is capable of reading fault codes, trip information, engine parameters and data. Using the parameter screen on the Palm handheld device, a range of engine functions can be checked in real time, such as data from sensors and switches to engine diagnostic information including engine load and speed, coolant and intake manifold temperatures, output torque, fuel rate and transmission oil pressure.
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The new JA-4-5H and BA-4-8H power trowels from Multiquip each have four blades and include a height-adjustable 2-inch diameter tubular steel handle for improved operator comfort and workability, a unique throttle control design allowing selection of the operating speed with a twist of the wrist and a centrifugal shutdown switch protected by steel housing for superior durability. The JA-4-5H has a 36-inch ring diameter and is powered by a 5.5-hp engine. The BA-4-8H, weighing 242 pounds, has a ring diameter of 46 inches and a rotor rpm of 60 to 125. It uses an 8-hp engine.
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Portable Blast Cleaning System

The Blastrac 1-8DEC portable blast cleaning system is a versatile shot blast system designed for the entry-level contractor or for use as a complementary or edging unit for the medium to large contractor. A new caster kit introduces several convenience and performance features for the contractor. With the kit, the unit is more maneuverable than ever before while providing a more consistent and even profile. Ergonomics of the blast unit are enhanced, so that the machine is more comfortable to use thereby reducing operator fatigue.
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Crawler Dozers

Dressta North America introduces three small crawler dozer models: TD-7H Extra, TD-8H Extra and TD-9H Extra. The dozers have capacity blades, up to 18 percent larger. The fuel tanks increased by 17 percent up to 45 gallons. There is an addition of a dash-mounted fuel gauge.
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Vermeer introduces the fully-hydrostatic RT200 trencher with the capability of trenching depths to 48 inches with 4- to 8-inch widths. The RT200's hydrostatic ground drive equipped with twin wheel motors makes it one of two new Vermeer machines that are the first fully-hydrostatic pedestrian trenchers offered to the market today. It comes standard with a 23-hp Kohler engine. The chain and boom style trencher can be configured with several different cutter chain options including the Vermeer shark tooth, tiger cutters, cup cutters, rotary bits or combination chains.
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