Scissor Lift Accessories Enhance Productivity

JLG Industries introduces a new series of productivity-enhancing accessories to complement the previously launched Pro-Fit scissor lift series. Manufactured as quick-disconnect performance tools, the packages will meet a variety of rental applications.

The JLG workstation (pictured) includes a stowable bench, a 110V outlet for power tools and specially-sized compartments for fasteners and connectors. Tool holders accommodate a reciprocating saw, hammer drill, pipe bender and circular saw. The workstation is also available with a built-in 12V plug to power customer cordless tool battery chargers.

Three packages — the electrician, plumber, and plant maintenance packages — are available with specific tools that integrate the JLG scissor lift into the work process. Some of those tools include a rail-mounted vice, pipe racks and electrician's tree. Accessory packages are available exclusively from JLG on the Pro-Fit scissor lift series and are extensions of the JLG Workstation in the Sky series.

Jeff Ford, product market champion for JLG Industries, says the company spent lots of time going to jobsites to get input on the product.

“There was tons of input and research that went into this,” Ford says. “There's nothing out there that's similar. We're really the first to do any serious accessories on scissor lifts.”

Verified by Jeff Ford, product market champion for JLG Industries.
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Power outlet: 110V
Cordless tool battery charger: 12V

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