The Pro-Jax Utility Scaffold features a simple push-and-turn Saf-T-Lok, which ensures that Pro-Jax's platform adjustment pins, adjustable in 2-inch increments to minimize overreaching, remain fully engaged. Guard rails remain at platform level at all times, while patented, knurled rungs provide additional gripping. The steel, square-tube construction is light enough to be easily set up by one person and rolled through doorways.

Leno Carradi, vice president of National Ladder & Scaffold Co., Madison Heights, Mich., has been selling Bil-Jax scaffolding since the early 1960s. “Bil-Jax set the standard for quality and everyone else follows,” Carradi says. “Their paint system is a superior baked-on powder coat.”
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Intervect USA

The HEK MSHF electrically driven mobile scaffolding is designed for rental companies with versatility and adaptability in mind. It has a maximum payload capacity of more than 8,800 pounds and platform dimensions of more than 100 feet. It can free-stand on a wheeled trolley to 65 feet outside providing access without the restriction of anchors or ties. When tied to the structure at 48-inch intervals, the MSHF can be used for heights of 660 feet.
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SGB Youngman

The new range of Catwalk Fiber Glass ladders offer both safety and good looks. Unlike timber that will split, crack and rot, fiberglass is strong, lightweight and rugged. It also won't corrode, dent or fatigue as alloy ladders can. Fiberglass is also a non-conductive material so it is safe to use near electrical equipment.
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The new Ladder Hatch Deck is designed for use on both sectional and systems scaffold, replacing the previously supplied VAPB5412510 and VAPB5412507 hatch decks. The aluminum/ply-constructed deck comes in 7 foot and 10 foot lengths. Equipped with new features, this deck streamlines the erection process and improves worker safety, the company says. Capacity has also been increased to 25 pounds per square foot.
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Telpro Inc.

Made from all steel construction, the Tele-Tower Adjustable Work Platform is designed to withstand industrial environments. Its portable components can be easily transported by van or pickup and there are no tools or loose parts. Assembly can be done in minutes by one person and it rolls through doorways with the safety rails folded. Integral outriggers extend for solid performance. Platform height is 2 feet to 11 feet in 6-inch increments (working height of 18 feet). Adding the optional extension increases the platform from 12.5 feet to 17.5 feet (about a 24-foot working height).
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UpRight scaffolds are constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum. The patented cold-formed Rib-Grip jointing design has significantly more strength than the traditional welded joint, the company says. The Zippy Work Platform is a folding work platform with a one-piece folding base and four heavy-duty castors. Designed to open and assemble quickly, it is well suited to tradesmen requiring fast access for low-level applications.
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Lynn Ladder & Scaffolding Co.

The Aluma-Pro aluminum maintenance platform is lightweight, portable and sets up in less than three minutes. It is designed for homeowners with indoor applications such as painting and cleaning hard-to-reach light fixtures. The AMP6 has a sturdy aluminum deck that features anti-slip tread, 5-inch locking casters and quick-release locking pins that allow for easy changing of the platform height. The unit has a 500-pound maximum load rating and fits through a 30-inch doorway.
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Universal Manufacturing

Frame scaffolding from Universal Manufacturing is designed for easy assembly and masonry, maintenance and shoring applications. It features high-strength steel tubing and a wide selection of frame lock types. A large selection of frame sizes are available and configurations may be engineered to job-specific uses. A complete line of accessories is also available. All frames and accessories can be purchased in a variety of electrostatically applied powder coat finishes.
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Granite Industries

Snappy All-Trade Scaffolds feature 29-inch frames with 2-inch platform adjustment and 1,000-pound capacity. Retaining clips and alignment pins keep the walkboard level and secure. The unit can be stacked for higher applications and secured with a stacking pin.
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