Scaffold Planks Offered in Various Sizes

Bil-Jax introduces GripStrip scaffold planks as an option with its frame scaffold. Each GripStrip plank is made from dense, industrial 65 solid sawn wood. The plank meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI standards and bears an OSHA stamp.

The planks are treated with waterproof end sealer that penetrates the wood fibers and protects against water and UV damage. To further eliminate and reduce end splits, the hydraulically pressed, spiral-twist steel pins used on the planks are polished and heat-treated, then pressed into a smaller diameter precision-drilled hole. To promote handling ease and quicker installation, corners are precision mitered.

The GripStrip scaffold plank is available in three load-bearing capacities: light duty up to 285 pounds; medium duty up to 460 pounds; and heavy duty up to 725 pounds. It is offered in five lengths from 6 feet up to 16 feet.

Chuck Hutchinson, vice president of sales and marketing for Bil-Jax, says the company tries to sell its existing customers more of what they need, and its existing customers demonstrated a need for a wood plank. “It's a product our customers use every day,” Hutchinson says. “It's a high-end wood plank — the product quality is as good as other Bil-Jax products. It's not just a cheap wood plank.”

Verified by Chuck Hutchinson, vice president marketing and sales for Bil-Jax.
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Lengths: 5 options, from 6 to 16 feet
Load capacities: 285, 460 and 725 pounds

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