Roller Features Hydraulic Release Braking System

The BW900-2 one-ton, tandem-drum roller comes equipped with a series-type hydraulic travel system for improved performance on steep grades. The series hydraulics system offers enhanced performance when working on severe approaches and steep embankments, while also making it easier to load the roller onto tilt-top or tagalong trailers.

The BW900-2 features an 18-hp Honda gasoline engine and 22-inch diameter drums that are the largest in its class. Its vibrating front drum produces 3,150 pounds of centrifugal force. An inside turning radius of 63.8 inches ensures maneuverability on the job site, while 18-inch high curb clearance and minimal lateral overhang on both sides of the machine permit operation close to curbs and walls. When working on thicker lifts of material, the BW900-2 can be ballasted up to 1.5 tons.

“Items that differentiate the BW900-2 from other rollers include a spring-applied, hydraulically-released (SAHR) braking system that automatically locks on when the operator shifts into neutral or turns off the key,” says Doug Zoerb, administrator of marketing communications for Bomag.

The unit also features a redesigned, ergonomic instrument panel. Positioning most controls and indicators in a centralized, visible and easy-to-reach location, the panel houses the steering wheel, corrosion-protected ignition switch, emergency stop button, hour meter and several operational warning lights.

Verified by Doug Zoerb, administrator of marketing communications for Bomag.
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Powered by: 18-hp Honda gasoline engine
gInside turning radius: 63.8 inches
Centrifugal force: 3,150 pounds

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