Quiet, Portable Air Compressor Incorporates Gull-Wing Style Doors

Completely redesigned to step up to the environmental and efficiency demands of the next decade, the Airman PDS185 Sunami air compressor from Mitsui incorporates gull-wing style doors for access to larger toolboxes and service components.

Powered by the all-new Isuzu 4LE2 direct injection engine, the compressor is ready for EPA Tier II certification, the manufacturer says. Increasing access to daily maintenance and service items has been at the forefront of the new design. The oil/air separator filter is now an external style and cartridge type fuel water separator, and filters all reduce service time and environmental impact. All fluid drains are still on the outside of the machine to simplify access and speed up service.

“By placing the oil separator filter outside of the oil separator tank the efficiency of the separator has been increased and service of the separator filter is easier,” says Des Jarvis, product manager. “The hydraulic filter is located with the cold weather by-pass on the side of the separator tank, again for ease of service.”

Standard electronic fuel prime and air bleed enables the fuel system to automatically bleed air without cracking injector lines. Airman has improved the fuel efficiency, as low as .7 gph fuel consumption.

Full powder coat paint, a cast steel air manifold, high-pressure tube lines and side-by-side oil cooler and radiator evidence the attention to quality and detail.
RS # 147
Booth # 936


Fuel tank: 21 gallons
Width: 57 inches
Weight: 2,266 pounds

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