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Quick Coupler Boosts Mini-Excavator Productivity

Quick Coupler Boosts Mini-Excavator Productivity

Yanmar's model ViO35 mini-excavator has an 11-foot maximum digging depth, is rated at 7,740 pounds with the canopy, and is designed to make excavation work more productive and less tedious. The hydraulic quick-coupler system works with many manufacturers' buckets and other attachments. Operators can change attachments quickly from the comfort of the operator's platform.

Wall-hugging true zero-tail swing and left and right boom swing allow the unit to track adjacent to walls for maximum digging and productivity. Large dozing blades coupled with Yanmar's VICTAS offset track design combine to provide side-to-side stability without increasing track width. The increased stability permits a higher lifting capacity over the side, according to Bill Gearhart, marketing and product manager for Yanmar Construction Equipment.

A 4-pump hydraulic system, control pattern selector and dual auxiliary PTO for attachments are standard on the ViO35. Reduced maintenance is emphasized with items such as a recessed work light, Codura-protected and concealed hydraulic hose lines and same-side engine servicing for routine engine care.

The current series is the third generation of the zero-tail-swing excavator. Gearhart says that most improvements are customer driven. “Many customers remark that the ViO35's productivity is equal to that of larger machines they have used,” he says.

Verified by Bill Gearhart, marketing and product manager for Yanmar Construction Equipment.
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Digging depth: 11 feet

Engine: 24 hp at 2,500 rpm

Weight with canopy: 7,740 pounds

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