Process Just About Anything With Protoworks Schred Max

Whether dealing with electronic product destruction; pallets; crating; stumps; railroad ties; construction and demolition waste including wood, drywall, paint cans and cable spools, the Schred Max 56 XHD from Protoworks Inc. has the power to process it. It is part of a new family of slow speed shredders that can handle almost any material fed into it.

Equipped with a 9-inch single solid shaft with 2.5-inch thick super aggressive bi-directional cutting teeth, the slow speed hydraulically driven cuttershaft can power through white goods, floor joists and cinder blocks. Slow speed shredding means dust and potential dangerous flying objects from the hopper are eliminated.

Built with heavy-duty jobs in mind, users load this machine with a compact wheel loader, forklift, teleboom, skid steer or excavator. The shredder sets up over 4-yard tip bins and roll-off containers and either discharges directly on to the ground for loader removal or directly on top of a conveyor or radial stacker for easy stockpiling. Outrigger legs elevate the machine manually. The legs are adjustable depending upon the operation and required loading or discharge height.

The high torque slow speed bi-rotational hydraulic drive with auto reverse and anti-jamming programmed into the operation, means what's fed into it will come out shredded. This results in material reduction from 2 to 6 times.

“When used as a primary reducer on a construction or demolition site, Schred Max can cut the number of roll off waste containers by as much as five times, significantly reducing project disposal costs, trucking time and container rental costs,” says John Dorscht, president.
RS # 141

Weight: 16,000 pounds
Engine: 50 horsepower diesel or electric
Production rate: 2 to 10 tons per hour

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