Prevent Theft In Rental Yard and in the Field

The Equipment Lock Company manufactures and sells universal anti-theft devices for heavy equipment, trucks, trailers and related equipment. With about 10 different products, there is a theft-prevention device for most construction equipment.

“We have a diverse product line that covers practically every machine in the construction industry,” says Bryan Witchey, vice president of sales and marketing for The Equipment Lock Company.

Several locks — skid steer, cargo, stabilizer and job-office door locks — are available with a changeable combination lock rather than a key. When a skid-steer loader goes out on rent, the lock goes too. The rental contract includes the four-digit combination code for the lock so the operator has access to the machine. When the machine is returned to the rental center and serviced before going back out to rent, the combination can be changed. These anti-theft devices secure fleet in the rental yard as well as securing them while out on rent.

Other available locks include a backhoe lock, excavator lock, and ball and ring hitch lock.

“Our products mechanically lock drive-control levers of all heavy equipment, so even if a key is available it cannot be driven,” Witchey says.

The locks that don't have combination locks use barrel-style keys that are never duplicated unless multiple units are special-ordered keyed alike. The locks are made with American steel and are powder-coated and/or electroplated for a durable finish.

Verified by Bryan Witchey, vice president of sales and marketing for The Equipment Lock Company.
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Keys: Barrel-style
Combination: Four-digit

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