Paint Sprayers


Airlessco LP and SL series airless paint sprayers feature large slow-stroking pistons, which means fewer rpm to move paint. This cuts heat and friction, resulting in a longer life for the piston, packing seals, valve seats and valve balls. Low-speed industrial grade DC motors are enclosed for safety and long life. They run cooler and eliminate the need for a multiple gear reduction gearbox required by sprayers using high-speed AC motors. The patented Airlessco “Triple-Life” packing system allows tension adjustments to both upper and lower packing seals from outside the pump. This seal system is designed to reduce routine maintenance costs and equipment downtime.
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Titan Tool

Titan Tool announces the addition of a new gas-powered airless paint sprayer designed specifically for the rental market. The RentSpray 700 is driven by a powerful easy-start 4-hp Honda engine, which works for light to medium residential and commercial applications where electricity is not available. The RentSpray 700 is rated at 3,300 psi and supports tip sizes up to .026 inches. This sprayer can be used to spray stains, specialty coatings, enamels, latex and smooth elastomeric coatings. This product features a steel frame with hose storage and easy-grip lift handles.
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Hero Industries

Hero Industries announces the release of the new Finish Max High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer. The Finish Max turbines feature a large stainless-steel and powder-coated case with multiple air louvers for maximum airflow, cooling and turbine longevity. The Finish Max gun has a new design and features a stainless-steel air cap, fluid needle, fluid nozzle, fluid passageways, trigger and springs to prevent any corrosion. This product is available in the Porta Max portable cart system.
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