Nano Technology Delivers No-nonsense Performance

DeWalt introduces Nano technology designed to deliver longer cycle life, lighter weight, increased performance and an expanded system of tool offerings. The 18V Nano phosphate lithium ion batteries are compatible with the existing 40-tool system of DeWalt 18-volt tools, and the technology is designed to provide professional contractors with the flexibility to select the best chemistry and tool to meet jobsite demands. The Nano phosphate lithium ion batteries offer the end user increased battery durability and cycle life, with up to 2,000 recharges. The 18-volt charger is capable of charging 7.2- to 18-volt NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion batteries.

“The 18V Nano Technology tools are more ergonomic, providing end users with a better power-to-weight ratio,” says Christine Potter, cordless product manager for DeWalt. “At 5.5 pounds, the 18-volt hammerdrill weighs the same as DeWalt's current 12-volt NiCd drill.”

DeWalt will offer three cordless platforms with Nano technology — 36V, 28V and 18V — providing users with an extensive range of power tools to meet a variety of user demands on the jobsite.

Verified by Christine Potter, cordless product manager for DeWalt.
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Vital Stats

Nano technology platforms: 36V, 28V, and 18V

Battery recharges: 2,000

Compatible tools in 18V range: 40

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