Mouse-sized System Protects Equipment From Theft

The GlobalTRACS Lite system from Qualcomm is an asset management tool that provides actionable, operational and location information with management applications. As the new addition to Qualcomm's suite for fleet management, the GlobalTRACS Lite system complements the GlobalTRACS equipment management system, offering many of the same features and functions, and is suitable for installation on a broader range of equipment.

“The GlobalTRACS Lite system is compact — about the size of a PC's mouse or a PDA, which makes it easy to install on a wide variety of equipment,” says Mike Baker, senior director of sales for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “And GlobalTRACS Lite is well-suited for businesses that require both indoor and outdoor coverage, such as fleets that include indoor lift trucks.”

Fleet managers can use the new system as a standalone solution to help manage and secure entire fleets, or it can be used in a mixed-fleet environment with the GlobalTRACS equipment management system.

The GlobalTRACS Lite system includes proactive theft-prevention and recovery features, including a back-up battery to alert owners if the power is cut. Engine-start curfew alerts help companies monitor after-hours use of their equipment for enhanced asset management and security. Assisted-GPS technology enables visibility inside buildings and locations without a clear view of the sky. Updated engine-hour data shows when equipment is running, which helps owners to identify underutilized equipment that can be re-deployed to increase productivity.

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Verified by Mike Baker, senior director of sales for Qualcomm Enterprise Services.
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Vital Stats

Hardware terminal size: a PC's mouse

Features: theft-prevention and recovery, engine-start alerts and GPS technology

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