Mobile Power Unit Easily Deploys, Environmentally-Friendly

The first to use the Taurus 60 mobile power unit from Cat Rental Power was Equilon Enterprises for its Puget Sound Refining Co. in Anacortes, Wash. PSRC needed a source of on-site power generation to ensure a stable energy supply during the power crisis in the western United States. The short-term nature of the need made this product a suitable choice.

Designated the XQ5200, based on its ISO rating of 5,200 kilowatts, the product provides an environmentally friendly power source that can be easily deployed and permitted. It features a modular design with plug-in connections for quick setup. Because the trailer-mounted system does not require a concrete foundation, it is easy to redeploy to other sites as needed. The unit comes with a range of control system options for remote operation and SCADA compatibility. It is dispatchable to be on-line in six minutes, making it well suited to peaking applications. Utility-grade switchgear and a programmable protective relay module are standard.

“These units are highly mobile, can be on-line in a matter of days, are ideal for environmental sensitive areas and economical to operate,” says Steve Garceau, manager CAT Rental Power. “The XQ5200 gives the worldwide CAT Rental network the ability to supply emission sensitive temporary power in very short time frames to a wide variety of applications.”

Based on the proven Taurus 60 industrial gas turbine design, the mobile power unit utilizes Solar's SoLoNOx dry low-NOx combustion system for low emissions. The units can be configured for gas, diesel or dual fuel operation. Further environmental features include a low-profile design and a sound attenuated enclosure system.
RS # 143

Fuel: Gas, diesel or dual fuel operation
Sound: Attenuated enclosure system
Setup: Trailer-mounted system

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