Mini-Ex Accommodates Variety of Bucket Attachments

Yanmar has added new features to its Vio75 mini-excavator that are exclusive to the 17,000-pound class. A hydraulic quick coupler system that accommodates most manufacturers' buckets is now standard. The unit is the only cab model in the United States available with factory air conditioning, the manufacturer says, and is powered by a Yanmar direct injected diesel engine with clean & silent engine technology rated at 55.2 hp/1,900 rpm. The engine features a quiet 66 dpa at 23 feet and is EPA certified compliant.

Left and right boom swing allows digging straight trenches against walls while the dozing blade adds optimum stability with more accuracy. The Vio75 cab, boom bracket and tail swing virtually within the track width for operation in the tightest spaces. The tube theme cab model features cup holders, pedal guard covers, cab light and a newly designed instrument panel. A forward angled overhead roof window allows safer overhead bucket manipulation.

“The features on this machine allow rental houses to make use of their existing inventory of buckets,” says Curt Unger, general sales manager. “They don't need to buy a new inventory of buckets just because they buy a new machine. This can be a huge savings to a rental house.”

A flow-control 3-pump hydraulic system with two variable displacement pumps maintains straight and accurate travel speed even when other hydraulic functions are being operated.

Verified by Curt Unger, general sales manager.
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Digging depth: 14 feet, 7 inches
Weight: 17,000 pounds
Engine: 55.2 hp

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